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How Einstein Came To Us

--by babygirl, posted Jul 28, 2007
Over the weekend, a lady that I work part time for, called and asked us if we thought a kitten, that had wandered into her yard during one of our recent rainstorms, would be taken care of by "Ms. Kitty" -- a stray mama cat at the warehouse where we work.

"Ms. Kitty ", the stray mama cat, has a litter of kittens a few days older than the one she'd found, so we told her to give it a try. If Ms. Kitty wouldn't adopt the kitten, bring to us, and we'd nurse it until it was old enough to be found a home.

That afternoon, as we sat home watching movies with friends, Ms. Gloria ( the older lady with the kitten ), arrived with her husband, and the kitten in her arms. Without a second thought, we took the kitten, wrapped in a towel, into our home. It was immediate love.

One of our friends, there at the time, caught a glimpse of the cute little kitten and blurted out " Einstein".

Now named, and us totally in love with him, the kitten is now home, and named, of all things, "Einstein."  We are now the PROUD owners of 3 cats of our own, and three strays that are as OURS as any cat can be.
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AURELIA wrote: Congratulations Babygirl!! There's nothing like a little kitten to perk you up! Einstein will bring much pleasure to you. Have Fun, and thanks for caring enough to adopt him! I'm proud of you and your big heart. ~Aurelia
brighteyes wrote: wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A new furry bundle of love and warmth and joy and companionship...
I am jealous...I would love another little at home but haven't quite convinced the husband yet that we need a 3rd cat....he'll soften up I am sure.
Thanks for sharing for caring and for adopting many kittens and puppies born and no loving homes for them.
Mega Smiles from Brightyes ;)
Alraisi wrote: Congartulations. You will spend a lot of time with her and specially she will make you feel kool about yourself so keep doing her milk and give her sugar so that when she grow up she will not need to put sugar in her Nice New member new Life, New Smile...!!! May GOD keep her very happy always and you too...!!!

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