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Don't Forget Your Digital Camera

--by snowflake66, posted Jul 27, 2007
On Saturday I took my fiancee to see Weird Al. Knowing that Weird Al would sign autographs afterward, I told my fiancee to bring the digital camera. :)

As we were waiting on line, I was entertaining all the little ones in front of me. The laughter was wonderful and if a little one wanted his mom, I made sure she connected with her child and went in front of me.

Once we got into the tent, I noticed the woman in front of me frantically searching. She had her nine year old son with her (one of the boys I had been joking with earlier) and I asked her if she would like us to take a few pictures for her. She lit up. "I' m from Westchester and I forgot my camera," she said. I gladly took the pictures, emailed them to her, and received a beautiful thank you email in return.

They couldn't have been any happier. It may have cost me nothing, but it was worth so much.
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brighteyes wrote: Showflake...that was so cool of you to offer to take the pictures and email....wonderful memories stay with you always but a little help from a picture, doesn't hurt either.
I also like to joke around with children...they innocence and laughter uplifts me every time!
What a generous nature you have...keep your eyes open for other RAOK opportunities....
Smiles from Brighteyes ;)
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: That was very nice of you. They will never forget that because of you that moment if frozen in time for them. Thanks for caring!
AURELIA wrote: That was so nice of you to do for them. What a nice memory you made for them. ~Aurelia
snowflake66 wrote: Again, thanks Aurelia (a beautiful name by the way :) It makes me feel good to know I'm being read and heard. If more people did this, we'd all be in a better world :)

PS I'm looking forward to reading some of your own stories ;)

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