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Listening And Learning With The Mailman

--by bystarlight123, posted Nov 28, 2014
 I ran into lots of people today and focused on listening with my undivided attention. One "listening" that I loved was with our mailman.

We had never spoken before, but today I learned about what it's like to switch from a car with a typical American left hand drive to a mail truck with a right hand drive. According to him, parallel parking is much easier when the steering wheel is on the right.

How fun it is to consider things that have never crossed my mind before. How fun it is to connect with strangers.
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wavingatyou wrote: A new friend :)
sandyremillard wrote: Sharing can be so interesting! Good you had a chance to do so. Blessings!
mindyjourney wrote: It is indeed fun! When we connect, we also open our perspective. Thank you for listening and learning. Blessings, my friend.

jomartin87112 wrote: it *is* fun isn't it? and you learn all sorts of interesting things - like you did about the parallel parking. Keep up the good work!
Mish wrote: Strangers were strangers before becoming friends :))

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