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Loving Today's Challenge!

--by handful_of_sky, posted Dec 2, 2014
My 13-year old son and I had quite the adventure this morning! We frequently walk by a beautifully landscaped yard with a cute little flower garden. I wanted to acknowledge the time and effort put in by the gardener, but I've never seen him or her, so we went to a local nursery and bought a gift card that I will leave with a note and a smile card the next time that I pass by.

We also ran to Target and bought a few $10 gift cards along with some notecards and our other groceries. While we were putting our things away in the car, my son observed that a lady that had just parked next to us looked a little grumpy. As soon as she entered the store, we grabbed a notecard, dashed off a quick note, and added a gift card and a Smile card for her to find when she got back to her car.

After that, we went for a late breakfast. The restaurant was pretty packed and the kitchen seemed to be taking forever. A young couple seated across the dining room from us was having some trouble with their youngster, who looked to be about four or five. He grew restless and impatient with the wait and they had their hands full keeping him from being disruptive.

I remember being in their shoes, so I flagged down their waitress and had their breakfast added to my check.  Great start to my day, and I can't wait to do it again!
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wavingatyou wrote: Spreading happy everywhere :)
mindyjourney wrote: Lovely kindness for many, and excellent role model for son as well. Thank you, friend. Continued kindness blessings.
SOTProject wrote: That's awesome! This site is just fill of inspiration for me, so glad to have found some like minded kindness chasers!
cabbage wrote: Wow! What a beautiful kindness adventure with your son--thanks for sharing :-)
Smile wrote: Beautiful and sweet. These are moment of true joy :) keep rocking!
servingsmiles wrote: Thank you for your mindful loving acts of kindness
debbe530 wrote: Wonderful gifts of kindness for you and your son.
vitalreiki wrote: Fantastic!
tsukid wrote: Wow! Busy, beautiful morning - I especially like the appreciation for the gardener. I may have to do follow suit : )
beetoote wrote: What a wonderful teacher you are for your 13-year old son.

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