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Off to See the Wizard...

--by mindyjourney, posted Mar 9, 2015
The cashier rang up the "Life" magazine issue celebrating the 75th Anniversary of "The Wizard of Oz.." She remarked, "Oh, how I love the "Wizard of Oz!" I wish I had a copy of the movie."

We exchanged pleasantries on how we both enjoyed the classic film. "Have a blessed day!" the cashier said, handing me my packages.  I thought, "Yes, I will give this kind woman my copy of the Wizard of Oz."

When I returned home and checked my DVD library, I was surprised to find that I had two copies! The cashier was delighted with my gift of the movie.  I was doubly blessed in realizing the generosity of the Universe, for I was truly willing to give away my only copy. 
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sandyremillar wrote: Not surprised how it multiplied mysteriously! Lol
jeffgraham wrote: You have more in common with the tin man than you know. :-)
wavingatyou wrote: The wonderful wizard of oz ~ now i need to watch it again :)))
moral12 wrote: That was so generous of you....and, imagine, you had two copies of the DVD! I know you made that cashier's day!
BlueSkies3 wrote: That is amazing. The Universe is amazing that way. Blessed Be!
Mish wrote: Angels abound!!
Paintslinger wrote: An all time classic favorite of mine! That was super awesome of you!!!! :)
jsmc10 wrote: Wow fantastic! :)
jomartin87112 wrote: This just delights me - TWO copies! Wonderful!
debbe530 wrote: Wonderful - Love the Wizard of Oz!

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