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Wings of Joy Shared

--by mindyjourney, posted Mar 2, 2015
My elderly neighbor, who is housebound, has always enjoyed watching birds. Since she is no longer able to get close to nature, I brought the birds closer by hanging a hummingbird feeder from a hook off her home's gutter edge, where she could see it well.

Now that the hummingbirds have migrated to warmer climates for the approaching winter, I will replace the hummingbird feeder with a sunflower-hearts seed feeder, designed for perching birdsonly. That way, there will be no mess and my neighbor can enjoy the various birds, such as chickadees, finches, etc. We are so blessed to be able to share these gifts with our feathered friends. Their wings uplift us to much joy!
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Concure wrote: Fowl play is to be admired, chasing or distracting birds puts unnecessary stress on their lives. For kind sake, just enjoy the show.
cheeka wrote: What a great thought!
mish wrote: Yours is such a giving heart ❤️
Fran wrote: What a beautiful thoughtful gift you have given your neighbour. I know what enjoyment i get from feeding the birds and watching their antics it must make life so much more enjoyable for her. x
Darlene wrote: What a thoughtful thing for you to do, and i'm sure it made a big difference in your neighbor's life.
carolec wrote: Seasonal changes. What a treat for her and how thoughtful and practical. Great!
gloriousday wrote: How kind and thoughtful; great joy from a simple act. I wish you were my neighbor!
sandyremillar wrote: Lovely kind act that continues. Lots of blessings!
marie97 wrote: Thank you - lovely
wavingatyou wrote: Good neighbors and fine feathered friends :) <3

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