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French reward

--by droundy, posted Dec 18, 2014
Following is an e-mail conversation between one of my students in Shanghai and me. I needed a little help as I twisted my fibula bone out of place. She sent me directions to a reputable hospital along with a map to get there and directions for a taxi driver.

Then she wrote: "fI hope that my information could make some help. I know sometimes it is really hard to live in a foreign country. When my parents and I traveled to California, there were so many patient and friendly strangers in America helping us. We are grateful of that. Moreover, I sincerely hope that professor will soon be restored. All of us love you! Have a nice day!"

I replied:"I am so happy to hear that the people you met in California were friendly. I have had the same experience in Shanghai. Once I thought to myself, "How come people are so nice?" Then I remembered all of the times I had helped others from other countries and I knew that most people feel like I do, they just want to help others.

The best time was once when I saw some exchange students standing outside of a store waiting for a ride. I talked to them for a minute to make sure they were OK. It was the middle of summer and very hot, like Shanghai was this summer. I went into the store and purchased them each a small ice cream, then took it out to them. Imagine my surprise when the French student took my hand gently and gave me a kiss. WOW! Those French guys really know how to say thank you."
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Mish wrote: Yes, I think, in this crazy war-torn world of today, being constantly bombarded by the media with bad news, that we lose sight of the goodness of most people all around us every day. Thank you for reminding us of this! Hugs
Wolfskin2000 wrote: Like Mish already said, thank you for showing us that there is still (quite some) kindness in this world :)
debbe530 wrote: Heartwarming - and all it really takes it to be willing to put yourself out there just a little bit. Way to go.
BlissForgive wrote: Same as above droundy. Rock on
starryskies wrote: Thanks for sharing this beautiful story of international kindness! :) I've found people to be very kind and helpful when I've traveled as well. :)

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