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Be Kind And Make Kind !

--by kmbhai, posted Dec 21, 2014
Children are the most beautiful beings on the earth! They are true examples of innocence, inspiration, energy and happiness.
Spend time with them, play with them, live with them and enjoy the happiness.
Be kind and make kind!
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amiableneet31 wrote: Spread love.
sandyremillard wrote: Beautiful gifts in our lives.
pritipt wrote: I agree :) A quick recipe for being happy. They so live in the moment.
kperrine wrote: The innosense of childhood.....wish we could have that 24/ stress, no fears, and only smiles and lollipops. At least we can get it here from this wonderful website!
denisemj wrote: Yes, they are so precious to watch! I agree with kperrine - lollipops are better - I enjoy a blow pop every now and then :):)
heartofflesh wrote: A soul is healed in the presence of children !
jomartin87112 wrote: Yes! So true!
kmbhai wrote: thanks to all.

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