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The Next Door Blessing

--by babygirl, posted Aug 12, 2007

When we moved into our new home in January, we didn't really know what we were getting into.  We just knew that we were getting the deal of a life time and so when our offer was accepted, we couldn't refuse!  We jumped on it and thought that, that would be that.

Our next door neighbors weren't exactly part of the deal but they ended up being the best blessing!

Since that day, we have now become family.  With every little special occasion or event in our lives, they are there to share the joy with us and they have helped us in so many ways that we some times find it hard to believe.

I've never had my license and even though I wanted to get one, the thought of the cost of a car, insurance and all that just over whelmed me, but with the help of our new family I now have my drivers permit!  And once I get my official license, they have a car that they will let me use for as long as I need it.

So many good things have happened in our lives since meeting our next-door family.  We love them both dearly.

Now when I meet friends, I remember what it means to help others and make them family.  In some small way, I also try to be a "next door blessing" for those around me.

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pumpedup25 wrote: Having grown up in a military home, I too have been blessed by many different neighbors who welcomed us with open arms. Having family all around the world because of the military life many times leaves you depending on others. My best friend of 20+ years is one of those blessings. Dearer to my heart and closer than a sister. It truly is the family God sends you when your own is so far away. Give thanks daily for our gifts.
sahaja wrote: Congrats for getting such good neighbours. You are really one of the lucky ones who get such neighbours.
Good luck.
lovebug wrote: Familey, was the biggest word for mt mind to concepulize.Even though I am married ane my husband has extened family, it is his family and I know, because I have been with them for so long, If you are not within the blood line, you are not family. I find all of my consolation and true love from strangers who cross my path and love me just the way I am. Sounds like you have found family just the way I did
lucylou wrote: Beautiful story,sometimes you meet people who are not blood related, but treat you like family.It doesn't matter if you are not related by blood. As long has there is love, respect, and compassion that all that counts. Lucylou:)
Sarah wrote: you never know just how nice someone can, be -just let them do good for you
koks wrote: Surely goodness and mercy shall fellow you. The question is who is our neighbor. Bless anyone you come incontact with.~Koks
brighteyes wrote: wonderful for to me does not just mean "blood relation"'s a love bond and looks like that is what you are experiencing too.
Congrats on your permit and here's to your license...I can still remember taking the written and driving tests, getting the passing marks and my first drive independently...great memory! ;)
AURELIA wrote: Babygirl...the freedom of being able to drive will be more than you can imagine. Good luck! I'm glad you have an "extended" family to helpl you out.~Aurelia

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