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Grocery Store Flower Bouquet

--by treeflowerpuzzle, posted Aug 15, 2007

Many years ago, my husband and I were at a neighborhood grocery store with our two sons.  My elder son has Downs Syndrome and his baby brother was  also diagnosed with mild autism a few years later.

Right as we were passing the floral department, a lady who worked there, handed me a bouquet of flowers.  Unexpectedly.  "These are for you," she said.  "I've been looking for someone to give these to!"   She said she would tell the cashier at the checkout  that they were free.

The gesture brought tears to my eyes. 

My son with Downs Syndrome is now 12 years old and my "baby" is 8.  I draw on this kind incident to give me strength when people have given me rude and even verbally abusive comments, when my children have had problems being in public. 

Receiving those flowers has really made a deep impression on my life.  Thank you, to that kind lady in the floral department that day!

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Celebrations Kart wrote: Wow! Thank you for sharing.
treeflowerpuzzle wrote: I hadn't checked this site in awhile but i want to thank everyone who commented on this story. And thank you celebrations kart. It's funny-i had been thinking about this site and hadn't visited in awhile and your comment brought me back here. My kids are teenagers now but i still think about all the moments of kindness form others-and i appreciate them.
treeflowerpuzzle wrote: Thank you, Deeper. My children are really a blessing and I appreciate them so much. You are so kind; blessings to you too.
unknown wrote: These words must sound the drizzle after a parching season for ages ... My dear friend, you have two beautiful children ... you have a complete family ... When your children turn around and plant a kiss on your cheek and tell I love you, they would mean it ... without having to cajole you, cheat you ... It comes from their heart ... This is all I can see my friend (::) May you be immensely blessed my dear ...
Nickgrand wrote: Thanks you for shearing and God bless!!
akbj wrote: Your children are special, & that lady saw that you needed someone to notice that. What a wonderful act. Thank you for writing about it.
Joan wrote: reading all these beautiful comments about your letters, shows that there are so many, many kind and loving people around. I have be blessed to have found this thank you so much.
Lezah wrote: I too have a 12 year old handicapped child whom our entire family loves dearly. So often people stare at her in malls and public places and it breaks my heart as she is really so special. That act of kindness would have touched me deeply. What a wonderful person to have the insight to make you feel special because you are!
verny wrote: Thank you for your story and for being a kind and loving parent to your children.Your children are special spirits sent from God to you. He wouldn't trust them to anyone, so you must be very special in his eyes.
LUDY wrote: You are a very good and loving mother. Your children are very lucky to have a mother like you. keep up the good work and God bless you. There are plenty evil people here on earth but when we get to heaven, the Lord will wipe all the tears in our eyes.

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