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A Simple Card For a Beautician

--by kylierose16, posted Aug 18, 2007
This week I felt I wanted to treat myself to some ‘beautician treatment’. I am house bound, so knew that I’d have to pay for the beautician to travel to our place, but that was okay by me, after all this was a treat.
That day I had an appointment made, and was expecting at least a 2 week wait, but to my surprise, was told she’d be here at 3:30 that same day.

She came by, and spent an hour with me, when she was finished, I handed her $50; $30 for treatment, $20 for petrol and traveling time.

She turned to me, and handed me back the $20 and said ‘don’t worry about the travel’.
I am unable to talk, so was left to convey my gratefulness and appreciation with my eyes and a warm smile.
She politely left, smiling, but I didn’t feel satisfied. Did she really know how grateful I was for that act of kindness she did for me? Was she able to see how touched I was by that gesture? Without words, I thought not.
The next morning, I wrote her a card, writing it in words, and thanking her, and had it delivered to her building.

That afternoon, my carer received a phone call, it was from her, she was so surprised, and touched that I had sent her that card, and wanted to thank me for thanking her.
I guess this simple story, shows how kindness goes back and forth. You give, you receive.
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thaata wrote: We often take for granted the services we pay for. A simple thank you letter works wonders.
molly273 wrote: What a beautiful story. It's nice to show your appreciation with a card. I'm sure it's a pleasure for her to help you!
cabbage wrote: Thank you for sharing your story--and I am sure that she will treasure your card for a long time. It was a really great way for you to show your appreciation!
:-) Love and hugs to ya.
akbj wrote: So few people write notes, & I love your story. Here you are homebound, & thinking of how others feel, and you made her day. The simplest things are so incredible. Thank you
denim1951 wrote: You are a special person to share this story with everyone. I like to give cards to thank people who do a kindness to me. Going out to eat I leave a card and a tip. The waitress is usually supprised on the card cause nobody thinks of that at all. I was a waitress for many years and the card is a treat i received a few times in my life. I am glad I can return the favor to people now.
ADEYEMI ADEWALE wrote: I think you are very sweet for doing that, keep up the good work. The lord is your strenght. Wale
MJ wrote: How sweet..........May there be many others that are so kind hearted
snowflake66 wrote: So true -- give and you will receive so much. A simple smile can change a person's day :) And a simple kindness is precious :)
jaya wrote: YOu are a real sweetheart. God bless you.
Aurelia wrote: Oh Kylie, You are a sweetheart. YOu are always thinking of others. Please know you are an inspiration to me. Keep smiling, I think God is whispering in your ear...and he saying you are very special. ~Aurelia

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