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Rolling A Flat Tire

--by hobo, posted Sep 6, 2007
I left early from work the other day, to get some errands completed and also to get away from the grind.  While I was on my way back to the house, I saw a guy rolling a tire up the hill.  At a closer look, he was my office although I didn't know him.

I wondered where could he be going, considering that it was at least 3 miles to fix a flat tire.  Surely, he was not being burdened with the rolling of the tire in that bent over walk that far?!?   So I turned around and offered him a lift to wherever he was going. 

He was appreciative of the offer but didn't want to put the dirty tire in my clean trunk.  I was not going to even discuss it, so I picked up the tire and placed it in the trunk.  He told me he had just bought his first house and moved in this week, couldn't really afford to call a tow truck.  We went to the first car repair shop and they could not fix a flat, so I told him we were not going to waste time driving to all these possible shops.  Instead, I took him 7 miles to a repair shop where I generally get my car serviced.

When we arrived, I introduced him to the manager and explained his situation.  The manager immediately had the tire fixed and said "no charge", at the end!  Oh, the man was almost in tears at this completely unexpected act of kindness. 

I took him back home and dropped him off.  He thanked me and I just asked he repay the favor to someone else who could use a hand.  I waved and drove off.  It's not about money.  It's about humanity.
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Swift wrote: Vehicles are so much work and cause so much frustration when things go wrong. You saw the perfect opportunity to help and you took charge.

I love helping people with vehicle issues. Typically they never expect someone to take time out of their day in these types of situations.

Congratulations hobo. You helped humanity with this act.
AURELIA wrote: Wonderful!!! If the opportunity presents itself it good that you were there to help. ~Aurelia

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