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A Jar Full of Change and a Trip to Home Depot

For years I had always taken my change out of my pocket each night and placed it in one of those water cooler jars.  I would use the change every so often when it got full.  As nature would have it, I got older and the glass jar got fuller.  I changed my process to taking the change and putting it in a small container. Then every so often I would take the change to my bank and have it put on a visa card which is what I carry around in my wallet for "Smile Emergencies".  So the other day I was in line at Home Depot and a lady with way too many kids for one person to watch at one time was in front of me. She was buying some curtains and various plants and house hold items.  She was telling the kids to stand still, be ... Read Full Story >>

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Smile Card For a Soldier's Wife

While we were out eating last night I observed a service man in his fatigues sitting with his wife and young child.  It was obvious that he was just back from overseas and was enjoying the time with his family.  Whether we support the military action or not, I always feel thankful that there are those who are willing to risk their lives for others and who make so many personal  sacrifices like being away from their loved ones.  I looked around the restaurant and saw few other people observing them also. As we finished our dinner, we paid the check and then I walked by their table.  I laid down one of the Smile Cards with a $50.  I looked right at the soldiers wife and said, "Thank you."  Without waiting for a response, I turned and walked away.  This morning, I received a call from my friend who ... Read Full Story >>

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Rolling A Flat Tire

I left early from work the other day, to get some errands completed and also to get away from the grind.  While I was on my way back to the house, I saw a guy rolling a tire up the hill.  At a closer look, he was my office although I didn't know him. I wondered where could he be going, considering that it was at least 3 miles to fix a flat tire.  Surely, he was not being burdened with the rolling of the tire in that bent over walk that far?!?   So I turned around and offered him a lift to wherever he was going.  He was appreciative of the offer but didn't want to put the dirty tire in my clean trunk.  I was not going to even discuss it, so I picked up the tire and placed it in the trunk.  He told me he had just ... Read Full Story >>

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Desire To Learn

I was out at the hobby store looking for some new enhancements for my remote helicopter and as I was leaving the store right next to it was one of those learning stores. The kind that sell educational supplies and games. I am constantly amazed at the items that are available for kids these days so I stopped in to satisfy my own curriosity.  While looking around I noticed signs that stated discounts to teachers.  I remembered a story on the news about some teachers using their own money to buy supplies so I posed as a new teacher so green that I didn't know anything about processes.  At the check out the manager told me how many teachers come in and purchase supplies the school can't or won't buy for the class.  That is so wrong.  We spoke for awhile and as luck would have it a teacher came up ... Read Full Story >>

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A Surprise Cart For An Elderly Woman

I moved and in my new location,  many nights on the way home from work I saw the same elderly lady walking down the street with a bunch of plastic shopping bags in her hands. She often stopped and rested during the trip back to her home.

So I watched her one evening and saw which house she went to. I verified she went to the same location again and then on the way home I parked down the street and walked to the house. On the porch I left a folding cart with the big wheels which will roll easily. Taped to the handle was one of the smile cards.

I saw her yesterday with the cart full, pulling it down the street in the chill of the day. She was definitely having a better experience. It is good to help.

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