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A Fallen biker

--by sathsath, posted Sep 28, 2007

In a town in India, I saw a bicycle being hit by a speeding car, the guy fell and the car immediately fled. The man lay bruised and injured. A small crowd of nearby stall owners gatherd but didn't do anything to help the guy who was now bleeding.

I arrived on the spot with dabs of cotten and rubbing alcohol. I smiled at the man and requested the people to give him room to breathe. The crowd thinned out. 

Next I assured him of that there were  no big injuries. He sat up and one of the stall owners got him water to drink. I used some to wash the bruise, dabbed the rubbing alcohol in cotton and applied over the wound , it was painful at first but he was pleased to have his wound cleaned.

Since then all the stall owners regard me warmly every time they see me. 

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Readers Comments

MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: Thanks for taking the time to care. So many people in the world today do nothing, as you described. Thanks for making a difference!
brighteyes wrote: Yash:
What a great act of kindness to assist an injuried man...not just gawk BUT TAKE ACTION....everyone deserves someone like you to be on hand when they most need are an Earth Angel responding without hesitation to another's needs. BLESS YOU!
Smiles from Brighteyes ;)
afriendlysmile wrote: HI sathsath
Actions speak louder that words and you where certainly ACTION MAN that day.
The world needs more people like you.
God Bless

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