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Love "Seen"

--by PamelaJo, posted Oct 12, 2007

I had a friend that every time you walked in her door for a visit, her greeting was "Hi Honey".  She had a way of saying it by dragging it out as she said it, that made me feel like she was so glad to see me.  We met several years ago when her husband was admitted to our Hospice program.  I got in on that admission as I was on call the Saturday he was admitted.  We hit it off right away, and my friendship with her continued even after her husband died.

We visited together once or twice a week, never for very long, but always with sincere joy in one another's presence.  She had told me that when she got ready for Hospice care, she would let me know and we could admit her.  Sure enough, one day she told me it was time.  We continued to have visits together as she slowly declined in health.  We talked about many things, and she would give me chocolate as I would bring her spinach and sardines.  I know, not exactly an equal trade but it was what she had asked me to do- seems she found great comfort in eating those two things when nothing else was tasting good. 

One particular day as my friend was beginning to decline physically, I felt the need to say aloud to her that I loved her.  (Credit Dr Ira Byock's book- The Four Things That Matter Most). Her reply to me sticks with me even to this day....She said- "I know you love me, you have shown me you love me by everything you have done for me; you have not only told me, you have shown me and that makes all the difference"

May those you love know beyond the shadow of a doubt that you do. It makes all the difference.

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Utuetu Afor Christian wrote: This story really shows what john. 3:16 said about love, that it is all about giving. Frankly speaking "love" is the strongest and most noble of all human passion, it generates kindness, it inspires confidence,it arouses interest,it attracts attention and promotes action.
Cecilia wrote: Your writing made me feel as though i was in the room with each of your conversations. I felt your love through your words. . . And love you back for caring, sharing, and making a difference in the lives of not just her life, but ours who have been blessed by reading your story.
falsemonkeypuzzl wrote: Every story of love enriches us all. The work you do is hard and I respect that you manage keep your heart open. Thank you.
lmil1954 wrote: John 13:35, by this they will know you are my disciples, if you have love one for another.
You are a blessing and a shining example for all! Thank you!
AnnaMaria wrote: My colleague passed away this summer and my situation was virtually the same as yours. She was a Spanish teacher and always greeted the students as "Sweetie". I've taken on her trait and you can really see the appreciation on some of their faces.
I think of her everyday. Thank you for your beautiful story.
tfash wrote: it is really unfortunate that she said those beautiful words while leaving this horrible world.despite this,it is grate that you were able to show some kindness that appease her soul before she left.i salute you
katlampi wrote: This is a really great story about how we are put in situations for a reason. Hospice Care is indeed a very personal experience for those who enter it, and being able to show kindness even in times when people are scared and grieving is a great quality. Thank you for posting this.
Sandra wrote: What a wonderful example of Loving your neighbor. Thanks for sharing your story.
reena wrote:

Thanking God the Almighty for giving such a beautiful site in the internet.

Giving and sharing the knowledge of spreading love, help and kindness and of course the fear of God.

By reading your all stories human being should get the knowledge of love, kindness and helping others.

May Gd keep you abundantly blessing.

earthling wrote: The Hospice program is so special and so are all the people involved in it. It inspires me everytime I see someone putting in so much love in a tough work like this.

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