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Pretty Stationery

--by megs, posted Oct 14, 2007

This past week, I thought I would get in touch with an old friend, whom I haven't seen in about 3 years! 

I simply mailed her some stationery, with a flower pattern. I also included a matching pen and magnet, because this friend loves to write!  I sent her a short note telling  her that I'd been thinking about her and that I loved her.  I'm sure she was surprised. 

I often feel that the best gifts are the unexpected ones.  Especially when you feel that you are probably the last person on the person's mind who sent you the gift!  ( :

Thanks , Meg

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Readers Comments

JuneBug wrote: Little gestures like that can be the best thing that has happened to another in a long time...I'm sure you made your friend's day!!!!
Angel4eva wrote: your right
Mink73a wrote: What a Pretty Thought to go with the Pretty Stationery. You reconnected with a friend and will (hopefully) hear back from her through the gift that you bought her. How generous.
lovebug wrote: If you do not hear back from your friend, do not be dissapointed, your friend maybe busy passing on your generous spirit.
warmth wrote: wow so sweet of u. It takes lot of efforts to get in touch with someone after a long time, and u did it beautifully. I m sure ur frnd must be all smiles.....keep up the good work and thank u so much for sharing your pretty thought here. :)
AURELIA wrote: Megs, Good for you for taking the first step and what a thoughtful way you came up with. I hope you will be sitting at a table sharing stories and good food with her soon. ~Aurelia

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