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--by lovebug, posted Oct 21, 2007

I think I could live to 200 yrs. and still not understand what happened today. I was sitting infront of my little shop talking to a 6 yr old girl. In my 65 yr old mind I was trying to tell this little girl how important words were and how important it was to know how to use a dictionary. The word semantics came up and I went inside to get my dictionary, I wanted her to know the correct meaning of the word was.

However as I started to look up the word, I realized how hard it is to look up up word when you don't  know how to spell.  I went next door to ask her mother how to spell the word, she was of no help.  In the end all I could tell this little 6 yr old, was she better learn how to spell or she would end up like me, knowing a word, but not being able to prove it in the correct manner. The good news is I did realize words change from time to time and I am not able to change as fast. I think I might be happy being a good heart. I do not have the win a spelling bee.

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MisteMay wrote: True wisedom comes in so many different ways and your life experience speaks volums more than any dictionary could. I appreciate your sharing this.
smoothsugardoll wrote: who cares if you can spell, your heart is so big no one will notice.(smile)
AURELIA wrote: Lovebug, You do have a kind heart and that is very important. Big words only confuse me...I prefer to stick to the basics. Continue to be HAPPY! :)Aurelia
Angel4eva wrote: i'm the best speller in my class
but to them i'm some sort of human dictionary and theasarus 2 in 1
Lezah wrote: Older people have a world of knowledge, big words and the spelling of them, are just words. Wisdom is real!

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