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Not Walked In Their Shoes

--by verny, posted Nov 6, 2007
As I look back at life, I have good memories and painful ones, like all of us.

I remember when I heard events on the news about certain individuals and what crimes they have committed, and at times have thought they should bring back the death penalty and so on.  I feel embarassed when I think back to those  days. Why? I have a son who is in prison and remember at his trial all the things that were said about him and thinking to myself, "You are so wrong. I know this person.  He's a part of me."

Since that heart breaking day, I vowed never to judge someone for what they have done, for I haven't walked in their shoes.

I've learned so much from my heartbreak.  I'm now an official prison visitor and visit a young man who receives no other visitors.  I realize that people are not always what and who we judge them to be.  There's a bit of good in everyone!
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verny wrote: Thankyou so much for your kind resonses to my message "Not walked in their shoes" i really appreciate it. It's great to be free form judging people as i used to, i hope you will always feel the same as i.
akbj wrote: Thank you for telling that story, it made me do some thinking about how many times I read about people on trial in the newspaper, & I have been guilty of assuming them guilty, just because they were charged. I should not do that. God does not do that. The poem quoted above is awesome, the one about "building a better you" I copied it down, & will try to read it every day.
lmil1954 wrote: Thank you for sharing that story. I also am a prison visitor and whenever I visit I see lots of guys in the visiting room and you know what they look like to me? They look like my brothers, friends, co-workers, neighbors and chuch members. I see no criminals, I see regular men. Thanks again-
AURELIA wrote: It is sad how we are judged and also judge others. It must be awfully hard to be hurt so badly. Why do we do things to hurt others feelings? Why do we physically hurt others? Let's try to support one another with words of encouragement, a listening ear and to treat others the way we want to be treated. Here's a saying I just read:'Be kinder than necessary today,
for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.'

You never know how
you can bless someone else with just a smile, kind words, or a hug.
It's easy to do and will mean so much.
verny wrote: I love this poem."Build a better world!" God said. I answered "How? The world is such a large vast place so complicated now, and i so small and useless am there's nothing i can do!"But God in all his wisdom said,"Just build a better you!"

Tigerlily wrote: I admire you for giving hope and friendship to people who must have very little of that. Reaching out and making something peaceful and beautiful out of your own pain is nothing less than amazing. Thank you for making that difference in other's lives.
ieiblue wrote: hmmm..guess i felt the same way yesterday.. think am wrong...but in God's infinite wisdom, we learn our lessons... we learn to hold on...and find hope...
EePee wrote: Thanks for sharing your story which moved me very much.
One of the most important lessons so many of us have to learn is NOT to judge others; another would be to treat others as we would like to be treated.
I wish you strength & courage.

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