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She Has Beautiful Eyes

Being a parent is so rewarding at times, but can also be so heart breaking.  When our children are young, it's so  easy to show them what we feel is right from wrong, but as they get older they start to make up their own mind.  Some grow up into ideal sons and daughters, but you can't always expect that. When my daughter drinks, she becomes someone I can't recognize -- angry, argumentative, abusive, and many other adjectives that would not be complementary to her.  She becomes an alcoholic, not the real person underneath the drink.  The real person is kind, loving, caring, a heart of gold. Over time, I've learned that she has low self esteem, and she perceives herself differently than what others see.  So the other day, I told her that what "beautiful eyes" she has, amongst other attributes. Isn't it interesting that the eyes we sometimes see through, and the ... Read Full Story >>

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Not Walked In Their Shoes

As I look back at life, I have good memories and painful ones, like all of us.

I remember when I heard events on the news about certain individuals and what crimes they have committed, and at times have thought they should bring back the death penalty and so on.  I feel embarassed when I think back to those  days. Why? I have a son who is in prison and remember at his trial all the things that were said about him and thinking to myself, "You are so wrong. I know this person.  He's a part of me."

Since that heart breaking day, I vowed never to judge someone for what they have done, for I haven't walked in their shoes.

I've learned so much from my heartbreak.  I'm now an official prison visitor and visit a young man who receives no other visitors.  I realize that people are not always what and who we judge them to be.  There's a bit of good in everyone!

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