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Flowers For Friends

--by Flowers, posted Nov 13, 2007

The other week I went to dinner with 3 of my close girlfriends.  I decided to surprise them with a flower and small gift which they were all shocked to receive. 

Enclosed with the gift was a Smile card and I told them to pass it on and do something nice for someone else.  I told them I just wanted to do something nice for them to let them know that I truly appreciate their friendship.

It made me feel great and it even sparked a couple of ideas at dinner conversation as to how they might pay it forward.

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bobbi wrote: You have given me a great idea that I will do for my friends. I usually give bags that I personalize for my girl friends and sisters. This is wonderful way of passing on my smile cards. Thank you.
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: That is a very nice and thoughtful thing for you to do. Thanks for spreading kindness!
JuneBug wrote: You are a true friend!!! :}
Angee wrote: wow! that was a great idea. the smile cards are so cool. i think i might give some out for Christmas in gifts.
laurina wrote: What a nice things to do for your friends! It's great to remember to do more kindness for friends, as well as strangers.
chilli202 wrote: thats so cool!!!!!!!!!!!
Angel4eva wrote: great my smile cards have arrived but I haven't used a single one
hugsnkisses wrote: good idea

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