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$2.65 That Inspired Me To Be Kind!

--by Swift, posted Dec 1, 2007

Here in Canada, we have a chain of coffee places called Tim Hortons. 

It was the middle of winter, and as usual, the drive-thru wait for coffee at Hortons was around 5 minutes.  Not forever, but long enough to create a slight inconvenience for me, who at the time was horribly late for work.

Like I did everyday, I got to the order box and placed my order for a coffee and a muffin.  So far, nothing about my routine was different.  I proceeded to have my $2.65 ready, in exact change as I strive accomplish most mornings.

As I approached the drive-thru window, I was handed my coffee.   This was a little odd, but didn't register at first.  Normally, they will not hand you your coffee and food until they have payment.

The lady behind the window then says, "Sir, your order has been paid for by the person that was just ahead of you." 

What?!?  Apparently, that person had seen my order total show up on the screen and taken care of my bill.  I couldn't believe it!  I'm not sure how long I stared at the lady behind the counter for.  All of a sudden, everything that was weighing on my mind disappeared. 

It was a grand total of $2.65 Canadian dollars.  Not enough to break the bank, not even enough for coffee for two people, but it was enough to inspire me in my desire to "Pay-It-Forward" for the rest of my life.

Every now and then, I still do this -- pay for the person behind me and skip my coffee the next day.  Going without a coffee the next day is worth every second of the feeling that I experienced that morning.

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faithnut wrote: Bless the kind soul who bought the coffee! Restores faith in a busy and rushed world!
bonny wrote: Hey dude,

this is an awesome little thing that has happened to yo.

Just reading bout it has inspired me to be kind in whatever little way i can.

Thanx for sharing this experience
SpyGirl719 wrote: It's so cool to be the recipient of an RAOK and an affirmation that the circle remains unbroken. I have already seen positive changes in my neighborhood because I have encouraged people to reach out to others. You go girlfriend!
I always get English Toffee Cappucino coffee at 7-11 and if there's a panhandler outside, I get two. It rocks!
smurfy wrote: simple and yet so far reaching. Keep it going
Jithin wrote: correction- this can be bad as well, this can become like a mutation thing, people will then expect someone in the front or at the back to pay for "them". I like to be kind to people, but I don't like people who use their smartness or wit to fool or trick others. According to me it is clearly an abuse of one's brain power. cheers.
Jithin wrote: this can become like a mutation thing, people will then expect someone in the front or at the back to pay for you, this can be bad as well.
Tumelo wrote: I saw this and it really made me think about the power of small acts.
brighteyes wrote: Please continue to share more have a gift with words...not only inspiring but could picture you and the situation perfectly.

Isn't is amazing how a simple RAOK CHANGED NOT ONLY YOUR DAY BUT WAY OF LIFE!

I, too, "Pay it forward", every chance I get as I too have had that RAOK MOMENT that inspired me for life!
cindy wrote: sacrifice is our reward. Can you imagine the feeling Jesus had when he laid his life down for us.

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