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$2.65 That Inspired Me To Be Kind!

Here in Canada, we have a chain of coffee places called Tim Hortons.  It was the middle of winter, and as usual, the drive-thru wait for coffee at Hortons was around 5 minutes.  Not forever, but long enough to create a slight inconvenience for me, who at the time was horribly late for work. Like I did everyday, I got to the order box and placed my order for a coffee and a muffin.  So far, nothing about my routine was different.  I proceeded to have my $2.65 ready, in exact change as I strive accomplish most mornings. As I approached the drive-thru window, I was handed my coffee.   This was a little odd, but didn't register at first.  Normally, they will not hand you your coffee and food until they have payment. The lady behind the window then says, "Sir, your order has been paid for by the person that was ... Read Full Story >>

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A 'Grave' Situation

On my way into the city of Orillia today, the sun was shining bright.  It was a very hot, gorgeous day.  For me, it wasn't a very easy morning, but everything was falling into place and I felt good. Just then, I noticed some peculiar activity in a small graveyard just off the road.  As I got closer, I noticed that an elderly man was attempting to pick something up.  With a car parked on the small laneway in the graveyard, he was crouching beside one of the gravestones.  Upon closer inspection, it was clear that he was sobbing. After all that had gone on so far in my day, it was time to give something back.  I pulled into the small graveyard behind the lone car that was parked.  As I approached the fellow, I called out to ask if everything was ok. I noticed then what the fellow was trying to ... Read Full Story >>

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Coffee Karma

Today something happened that made me open my eyes wide.  It was at a Coffee Shop drive-thru. My morning was pretty much a disaster.  I was late dropping my daughter off at daycare, only to realize I had forgotten most of the things she needed for the day.  My journey home to grab those items cost me another 10 minutes of my morning.  The gas tank was running low.  Somehow I managed to make it all work, barely. Since I already knew I was going to be late, I decided to make my way to the Coffee Shop drive-thru to brighten my morning a bit.  After waiting in line for 5 or 6 minutes, I was finally near the order box when I noticed a lady struggling to enter the line from the other entrance to the parking lot.  She'd waited there for a while, I figured.  As I was already gonna ... Read Full Story >>

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Running On Empty

Not so long ago on my half-hour commute to work, I passed by a large white van stopped at the side of the road.  At first, I didn't think too much of the situation as it's not out of the ordinary in this area to see vehicles temporarily abandoned while the owners decide what should be done with them. Inside the van was a girl looking obviously distressed.  She sat in the passenger seat with her eyes fixated forward, ignoring everything.  Up ahead I noticed the only thing she could have been looking at -- about 300 feet up the road was a fellow about my age walking towards town with a red plastic gas can in his hands. Within a split second, I realized that he had run out of gas and was trying to fill it up.  While the drive to the nearest gas station was only about 5-10 minutes, ... Read Full Story >>

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$1.75 to Make 7 People's Day

I work in the beautiful city of Barrie, Ontario.  I usually try to walk everyday on my lunch break at work for about 4kms, which takes me about an hour.  People in my town are courteous, appreciative and easy going, which makes my walks pleasant and highly enjoyable (part of the reason I take them!). The route on my walks varies day-to-day, but almost always takes me through the downtown core of the city.  The streets of downtown Barrie are littered with streetside parking spots, all of which are metered.  Now, the metered parking around the downtown core is certainly not expensive.  Usually, 25 cents will get you 25 minutes.  I've often noticed many of the meters are flashing red with an expiry warning and thought, "Thankfully I walk, I would hate to get a ticket."  Today, as I was making my rounds in front of a popular park in town, I ... Read Full Story >>

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Half-Priced Toy, Full-Priced Joy

After noticing a few very good deals at Toys R' Us in our local paper, I decided that I would go and pick up a few specific toys so that I would have them on hand for gift giving occasions. Very specifically, there is a "Home Depot" toolkit that was half-off for $10.   Not thinking anything of it, I had planned to go pick up two of them. After browsing the store for a bit, I found the section and found the items I was looking for.  Oddly, there were just two left on the rack.  "Just enough," I thought. As I grabbed both and started my way to the cashier, I noticed that a father and his son were watching me as I passed by them.  The little boy was clearly disappointed and couldn't take his eyes off the toolkit that I was walking away with. Without being prompted, the father mentioned for ... Read Full Story >>

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Let Me Talk To Your Manager!

Today as I was filling up my car with gas at a local gas station, I ran into problems with my debit card and was forced to have the attendant reset the pump.  This has not happened to me many times, but I have been victim of my own fumbling fingers on occasion. The attendant that helped me out went out of their way to make sure that my experience with their station, with my purchase and that little part of my morning was ideal.  When I entered the station to pay for my gas manually (I had given up on the pump at this point) he explained to me that he saw I was in a little bit of a hurry and wanted to help me out.  It wasn't much for him to do.  He recognized that I was having troubles and reacted pleasantly and effectively.  He could just as ... Read Full Story >>

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