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She Has Beautiful Eyes

--by verny, posted Dec 19, 2007

Being a parent is so rewarding at times, but can also be so heart breaking.  When our children are young, it's so  easy to show them what we feel is right from wrong, but as they get older they start to make up their own mind.  Some grow up into ideal sons and daughters, but you can't always expect that.

When my daughter drinks, she becomes someone I can't recognize -- angry, argumentative, abusive, and many other adjectives that would not be complementary to her.  She becomes an alcoholic, not the real person underneath the drink.  The real person is kind, loving, caring, a heart of gold.

Over time, I've learned that she has low self esteem, and she perceives herself differently than what others see.  So the other day, I told her that what "beautiful eyes" she has, amongst other attributes.

Isn't it interesting that the eyes we sometimes see through, and the eyes we some times see, all give their  own view on life?  If we look with forgiving eyes, we can see something beautiful in almost everyone.  And to tell them that may change their whole view of themselves!

Since I'm her father, perhaps my daughter wouldn't take my compliments seriously, but maybe every bit helps.  And she really does have Beautiful Eyes.

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cabbage wrote: Parenting is a tough one and we never know what can happen to our loved ones. Don't give up hope and keep on looking through your beautiful eyes and finding the good out there. Many hugs to you and your daughter.
lmil1954 wrote: You are a wonderful father, simply by sharing your story. I agree with the others, keep telling her she is beautiful. And pray. There is great power available to a praying father. God bless you.
AURELIA wrote: I too have an alcoholic in my life. It hurts me so to see him when he drinks. He's a completely different person and someone I don't like to be around at those times. It was destroying our relationship and now he is trying very hard to stay away from it. I love him dearly as do you your daughter. I will pray for her as I do for my loved one. God will send help, I am sure of it. ~Aurelia
daisies wrote: Its so easy to condemn that which we do not agree with,...but you are right your daughter, my dad, and many other alcoholics need someone to love, cherish, and appreciate them....not condemn. Thank you for the reminder :)
JuneBug wrote: The best thing you can do for your daughter is to continue to tell her how beautiful she is. Girls need this from their fathers. My mom nor my dad never said anything like that to me. I still deal with low self-esteem even though I am told I am pretty often enough. I still doubt myself....Hopefully her daughter will come around. Most of all, let her know her beauty comes from WITHIN...

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