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--by LeapinLizzard, posted Mar 17, 2015
One day, while riding a bus in San Antonio, Tx, (a city filled with some of the friendliest people), I sat next to a young man (his appearance was that of someone who had little financial means).

I was reading a book and we struck up a conversation. He seemed very intelligent and had a lot of knowledge about literature. Soon it was his stop and as he rose to leave, he said "thank you so much for talking to me" Many people dressed like yourself (I was still dressed in my business attire) don't usually take the time to even speak to me, let alone listen to me. Thank you so much for taking time to spend with me"

. I'm sure I've been guilty of not taking time to spend with others, but I try to remember this encounter when I am among others and if nothing else, share a kind smile and a polite hello.
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sandyremillar wrote: Very kind and beyond judgement on your part. Blessings!
gilbert100 wrote: Simple kindness is so very powerful and affirming. You validated him by listening and talking to him and you enriched yourself by exercising pure and simple humanity. Bless you.
gilbert100 wrote: You validated him and made him feel that he was worthwhile in this life. You exercised pure and simple humanity and in doing that stored up some blessings for yourself too.
babanam wrote: thank you, you are awesome!
bomjoartist wrote: There is evidence that appearance says a lot about you, but you broke the mold and were human, after all. BULLY!
cynthia_mason47 wrote: not making judgments based on appearance is an area I'm sure we all could work on
Mish wrote: That was sweet.

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