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Magical Powers!

--by bigbird, posted Jan 26, 2008
I was looking after a beautiful child called Jake; Jake would only ever wear his Spider-Man pajamas and would often get his face painted like Spider-Man when ever we passed a face painter on the street.

One day when we were out walking and Jake was in his Spider-Man outfit with his face painted, a lady walking by said “Oh look, its Spider-Man.” 

He looked up at me and said “See La (that was what he called me), they know who I am.”

I thought I would share this with you today as I wanted you all to remember the superhero inside of you all and let others really see your magical powers!

Spread the magic! xxx
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brighteyes wrote: THANKS for spreading the magic....I received it and am smiling....I do believe in magic and that its in all of us the story and remember when I loved dressing up as a princess or angel....I too felt special and the magic when I donned the clothes & make-up!
cassiemeadows wrote: that is a very sweet story. it reminds me of a little boy i babysit. thankyou, i loved reading it. have a good day! take care of yourself
pitsa wrote: I think your message is deep and meaningful. I teach children and will use your message. Great work!!!
Nakamura216 wrote: that is so sweet. most of the time it's something really simple that can bring smiles to the faces of thoes we know, or don't for that matter. so thanks for the reminder that we all still are super people! ~keep smiling ~Nakamura
lOVEBUG wrote: Thanks bigbird, ask jake to share his super hero heart with me, who knows I might learn how to fly. Just a great reminder. I will try
Alraisi wrote: That's so nice. Really we alawys need to remember who we really are and the real us who is living inside us. Thank You For Remiding Us. Keep It Up...!!!
JuneBug wrote: How cute!.. My grand-daughter swears she's Batman!
Nickgrand wrote: So sweet my little brother does the same thing hehe and im proud to be his supper big brother!God bless

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