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A Birthday Gift In Office

--by Normke, posted Jan 30, 2008
At my job, we work in groups that are administered by a manager. 

Early last year during a brainstorming session with the group members, an idea was put forth -- to foster team spirit, let's celebrate key events in each of our lives:  birthdays, weddings and welcoming new borns! 

This reminded me of our theology lecturer, Fr. Emmanuel at Strathmore University, who requested us on his first lesson for the year, to write down our birthday date so that he could offer a special prayer on the material day for each of us.

A request was thus made for each of the group members to email their respective birthday dates to the appointed member who would then be the coordinator.

Since then, each of the group members has had his/her birthday celebrated by all the group members and the rest of the staff in our office. On the material day, a birthday cake is prepared and  a birthday card signed by each of the members. It only takes less than 30 minutes but the thoughtfulness shown lives on in each of us.

Its now over one year since the idea was born and this has not only enhanced team spirit but has also made our group the envy of the other staff members.

To my mates, thanks for sharing in our various celebrations and to Fr. Emmanuel, thanks for the prayers.

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Luli wrote: This article aicehved exactly what i wanted it to achieve.
lOVEBUG wrote: That is what life is all about, small groups getting together, thanks for reminding me I do not have to be big
brighteyes wrote: Everyone like to be recognized and that's why birthday celebrations are so welcome....each of us has a special day we were born....and its better and more fun shared with others...
SMILES, Brighteyes ;)
Tikit wrote: Great story! Sometimes we forget that kindness can be shared so easily in our workplace. By the way, I absolutely love your profile sentence "We all are angels, but each with only one wing. Together, we have a pair and fly to greater heights." and have printed it out in large type and stuck it on my refrigerator.
Swift wrote: Of all the places we need kindness, I would say the Workplace is amongst the top. Kindness breeds happiness, happiness breeds productivity... TRUE productivity. Thanks for sharing!

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