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Contagious Kindness Everywhere?

--by happyncheerful, posted Jan 31, 2008

I always come by the site to read an off-the-wall sort of story, but since joining the site a few days ago, I'm experiencing an amazing transformation -- I see kindness EVERYWHERE!

The bus driver who waited for this old man, then bent the rules and let him out where he wanted to get off (rather than at the next stop).

The man smiling at the little boy playing.

The Dr who rushed round to a (nearly) closed clinic to give my mum the all-clear, rather than make her wait two-weeks for the usual paperwork/report to be written.

The driver who spent 5 minutes giving me accurate directions when I was lost.

My neighbor who brought round a bag of fresh fruit.

The shop-assistant who hurried up my order because she thought I was waiting too long for it.

The receptionist who understood that patients should come before Doctors.

The almost-stranger who gave me some good, unexpected advice.

Is this unique to me, or are you all going through this amazing experience?

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dhivyashana wrote: Aye!
Its powerful to see you finding everyting and remembering to share all.
Aye, it is being transformational for us too.
Normke wrote: Its amazing to note the many ways we can make a difference in people's life.Most of the ideas shared here seem ordinary but reading about how they are executed with no concern for publicity is the most wonderful thing. To all of you who keep us posted on the various ways to be kind, thanks a lot.
brighteyes wrote: I believe you and all of us are more focused on RAOK and kindness so our senses are more open and aware and we NOTICE them ...I believe these RAOks were always there but our awareness and perception has changed.
Your story made me smile....the same thing happened to me when I first joined- kindnesses sprung up all around me PLUs smiley faces!!! ;)
Raqui wrote: I agree, things that were usual activities didnt seem like kindness to me. I used to think the word was this shallow place and that we all neeeded some type of major answer. But the more i think about acts of kindness that i realize how much kindness there is in the world. And usually it comes from strangers. I really is amazing how it all works :) Raqui
nflowers1228 wrote: Yes you are right, these small acts of kindness are everywhere. We just have to look to see the positive rather than the negative. I tend to disregard these, but realize they all add up and at the end of the day, my outlook is better when I see these small acts of kindness.
cassiemeadows wrote: thanks so much for sharing that. its so true, sometimes being part of the kindness of this sight makes me feel exactly the same. there are so many things to notice around as to confirm that the world really is a good place to be in. i suppose we see what we look for, but its so wonderful when one see's so much kindness.
Thanks so much, you wrote down exactly what i was feeling. have a great day! take care
cabbage wrote: Yes, there is kindness everywhere--
as long as we look for opportunities to express it ourselves we will find it in others too!For today:
Thanks to my former student who brought by an extra sack of wet-erase pens for me (she said they were just lying around and she thought I could use them--I will!).
Thanks to another former student who brought by Tracy Kidder's "Mountains Beyond Mountains" (which you all have to read--it's about Paul Farmer and Partners in Health--whose mission is to help tb patients all over the world get cured) on CD for my students to listen to!
Thanks to the kind girl who held the door open for me when my hands were full.
Thanks to "Focus the Nation"--a national teach-in on climate change and social justice (please check it out!)
Thanks to all of you for telling your stories and spreading smiles.

Little acts make up the whole day!
And as I once heard, "As you spend your days, so you live your life".... :-)
sabrina wrote: True but once on the site we tend to see it more becos we start seeing differently.We tend to lose ourselves with our daily pressures of life. Cheers Sabrina
lillmissmwah wrote: Awesome is the only word that comes to mind!
nflowers1228 wrote: I agree, since I have been reading posts on this site and contributing, the acts of kindness of other people are more apparent. The world doesn't seem like it is full of only dark moments, I'm able to see the good again and that is a wonderful feeling. This will spread and only help to make the world a better place.

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