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Contagious Kindness Everywhere?

I always come by the site to read an off-the-wall sort of story, but since joining the site a few days ago, I'm experiencing an amazing transformation -- I see kindness EVERYWHERE!

The bus driver who waited for this old man, then bent the rules and let him out where he wanted to get off (rather than at the next stop).

The man smiling at the little boy playing.

The Dr who rushed round to a (nearly) closed clinic to give my mum the all-clear, rather than make her wait two-weeks for the usual paperwork/report to be written.

The driver who spent 5 minutes giving me accurate directions when I was lost.

My neighbor who brought round a bag of fresh fruit.

The shop-assistant who hurried up my order because she thought I was waiting too long for it.

The receptionist who understood that patients should come before Doctors.

The almost-stranger who gave me some good, unexpected advice.

Is this unique to me, or are you all going through this amazing experience?

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Chocolates in the post

I recently got a bunch of your cards and started doing little things to spread some kindness around. Not feeling very bold, I offered to make and post cards to strangers who were going through a rough time. It was great fun to do and I figured we all like getting post that aren't bills.

Well, today someone put a big smile on my face! I got a huge box of chocolates and a thank you card in the post from a kind-hearted anonymous. It makes me smile every time I think about it...keep on giving - you never know who's heart you might touch!

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Being Present

She looked really pretty, I thought, as I glanced across at the young lady opposite me. Everything from her manicured nails, to her designer sunglasses symbolized that she was the kind of girl who had it all. I stared at the floor, at the large European woman in the seat next to the pretty lady, and back at the floor. I studied the tube map - again - as if I had to check something important, then starred resolutely back at the floor. I had mastered the art of avoiding eye-contact on the Tube as if my very existence depended on it. I was a Pro. But, I couldn't help wonder what the pretty lady was doing. I was acting dumb, but I wasn't dead. Why was she fidgeting so much? She's never going to sleep in that awkward something wrong? She looks like she's drunk, not sleeping. Maybe she has a ... Read Full Story >>

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The Simplest Acts Count The Most

I was completly lost and so frustrated. I couldn't bear to stand around for ten-minutes waiting for the bus, hoping it would be going in the right direction, so I started walking. I walked quickly, almost marching. I followed the main road, glancing periodically at the bus stops I passed for navigation. I rushed past the crawling rush-hour traffic, my legs hurt with the effort, but  my heart welcomed the rush of adrenaline. I needed to walk off my panic. When I eventually came to a landmark that looked vaguely familiar I breathed a sigh of relief. No bus had passed me, so I'd made a good decision to walk. I glanced at my watch, it was so late. I scanned the street up and down. I needed to catch another bus, but from which side of the street I couldn't tell. I moved up the street, darting between shoppers, trying unsuccessfully to ... Read Full Story >>

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Colourblind Kindness

He was a tall black man, with a generous build and he was walking straight towards me. Dressed casually in a gleaming white tracksuit that hung loosely on him, and a hood that covered both his head and part of his face, he looked like any of the number of black men described in daily news bulletins as being wanted for robberies or similar crimes. If it had been dark, I would have moved quickly in the opposite direction. As it was, it was broad daylight and I was waiting for a bus with my sister. We were on a quiet side street: no cars or people in sight. I unwittingly inhaled sharply, my body cautiously preparing itself for fight or flight. I shudder at the thought of being a racist, but even racists hate the idea of simply discriminating against someone based on what they look like. What we hate, ... Read Full Story >>

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