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Half-Priced Toy, Full-Priced Joy

--by Swift, posted Feb 4, 2008

After noticing a few very good deals at Toys R' Us in our local paper, I decided that I would go and pick up a few specific toys so that I would have them on hand for gift giving occasions.

Very specifically, there is a "Home Depot" toolkit that was half-off for $10.   Not thinking anything of it, I had planned to go pick up two of them.

After browsing the store for a bit, I found the section and found the items I was looking for.  Oddly, there were just two left on the rack.  "Just enough," I thought.

As I grabbed both and started my way to the cashier, I noticed that a father and his son were watching me as I passed by them.  The little boy was clearly disappointed and couldn't take his eyes off the toolkit that I was walking away with.

Without being prompted, the father mentioned for me not to worry about it and that he would ask if there were any more.  But I had no reason to need two of them other than just to have them available, so I handed the little boy one of the toolkits I was carrying.

Happily, I watched as the little boy and his father went through the checkout with just that item.  The father let the little boy pay.  The little guy pulled out a small wallet and gave the cashier a $10 bill.  I can only imagine that he had saved this money up somehow himself and was at the store to buy this particular item. 

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Readers Comments

nidhena wrote: That was really kind of you, kudos for making that little kid's day. I'm pretty sure most people would not bother to.
lifewaters wrote: Awesome story!
totemblaze wrote: Great story. Nothing better than putting a smile on a young childs face.
cassiemeadows wrote: thanks for being so kind. that was a very goodhearted thing to do. have a great day.
brighteyes wrote: made the little boys day and mine too with your generosity! ;)
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: That's great, thanks for not just walking by!
Tikit wrote: Great story; I am so glad it was YOU there buying that last toolkit toys.
Tigerlily wrote: Oh Swift...that is so sweet. You are a gentleman sir! The world needs a few more good men like you!
bibirose wrote: onya! Your thoughtfulness will carry on in that young boy & his dad for many many days. God bless you heaps. Bibirose.

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