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Elder Friend Doesn't Like ...

--by mindyjourney, posted Apr 16, 2015
Elder friend doesn't like idle hands either :). She's been crocheting hats to give cancer care patients. She's done 23 so far!

Gifted her some yarn from husband's aunt to help keep her supplied in materials.

Blessed in her lovely role model of giving.

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poetrybug wrote: How lovely ^_^
lindariebel wrote: Knitters around the world have provided little coats for at-risk animals such as penguins and saved many precious lives that way.
melnotes wrote: What great creativity and kindness in these hats all made with love xx
balou wrote: I just heard about a similar project around here: some ladies meet each fortnight and sew heart-shaped cushions ... they are meant to put under the arm after breast cancer surgery to reduce pressure ... a great idea ...
alisamom wrote: Beautiful! these hats will be appreciated and loved by everyone wearing them!!
deepee wrote: What a very loving thing to do. Beautiful hats!
Mish wrote: My Mom used to love to crochet hats. As her Alzheimer's progressed, the hats got smaller & smaller . It was something to see.
sandyremillar wrote: so sweet of her! I did some the previous year for the homeless....the new retirement home said they had yarn so I may start some again...hadn't thought of cancer patients! thank you for the idea, beautiful friend...:}
terre wrote: They're beautiful and I'm sure they transfer much love and care to those who wear them (knitted or crocheted right into each one).
pluto178 wrote: How interesting that the hats got smaller for Mish's Mum I wonder why that was.........x

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