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Stranger On The Train

--by amita17149, posted Apr 24, 2015
I had to visit my sister in another town because her husband was very ill. My whole family could not go because school was in session. My children stayed back in their father's care, except for the youngest, who was just a year old. I was nervous taking a train journey alone with my daughter. I knew that I had to go, so I gathered all my courage and boarded the train. After waving goodbye to my husband, I settled down.

There were three other passengers in that compartment. Two of them were quite elderly, while one was a young man. My daughter was crying, missing her dad. I tried to console her, but to no avail. I tried giving her water, then some biscuits, but her crying would not cease. By this time I was getting worried about the disturbance being caused to the others. One of the oldies was dozing, but the other seemed to fly off the handle. However much I tried, the sobbing continued.

Just then the young man offered to take my baby into his arms. He stood with her near the window and started talking to her in a soothing voice. My daughter stopped crying slowly, listening to his baby talk. I was both surprised and relieved especially because the disgruntled elder was now happily reading his book. The stranger handed my daughter back once she was in a sleepy daze. I thanked the miracle worker profusely and settled down to rest.

During the long train journey this young man continuously helped me. He fed my baby, sang to her and told her innumerable stories. I arrived at my destination, rested and thankful for this man who had come to my rescue.

After so many years, I still remember this stranger on the train with a grateful heart.
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Rajni wrote: Thanks for this Beautiful story of Gratefulness It is wisely said that Gratitude is the Best ATTITUDE. It is your grateful attitude that prompted that young man to help you out soothing your baby. Power of Gratitude works wonders for those who have grateful heart.

Thinking Positively in any situation is likely to get needed help. Power of Positive Thinking is beyond our imagination bringing miraculous blessings in our life.

This story proves that God gives what we need not what we want. He sent you that angel in time.
kd wrote: A story that renews my hope in humankind!
sandyremillar wrote: Agree! An angel. :}}
czgavilan wrote: I cannot help but feel so grateful to you for sharing your experience: to me it exemplifies the strength of gentleness and the gentleness of strength through the beautiful blend of feminine and masculine qualities. Such a risk-taker he was to even offer to help! Such kindness and patience! Indeed, an angel! [perhaps the baby was picking up on your feelings of anxiety, whereas the young man was undisturbed. ] thank you so much for sharing this!
cl625green wrote: What a warm story which just goes to show that kindness is still alive.
Bunsovivan wrote: Amazing. Thanks god, sending a kind man.
acarreon wrote: Even though it may never happen, it would be so wonderful for this man to know what a profound affect his kindnesses had in your life. Most definitely an angel.
sandyremillar wrote: Agree! An angel. :}}
sandyremillar wrote: Agree! An angel. :}}
lottypb wrote: Beautiful man xxxx

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