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The Crying Baby

--by bae6, posted Feb 12, 2008
Today was dreary day in Seattle.  It is the start of
our rainy season.

While I was at the supermarket, standing in line, a young mother with a small child was behind me.  The child must have been 3 months or so; and man, she was crying!  And I mean crying.

The young mother did absolutely nothing to calm this child; it was almost as if she didn't know what to do.

Usually when a child cries like this -- and I know this from experience -- it is either because the child is bored or hungry.  So I turned around and started to talk to this child.

And all of a sudden -- she stopped crying!  In fact, she began to smile and laugh.

The mother asked me what I did and I said, "Well, I talked to her."  She replied that she never thought of this.  As a single mother working two jobs, she has been having a hard time raising the child. 

Then she asked me if I would be willing to babysit for her a few hours a week.  I gave her my voice mail number to see if we can work something out. 

As we parted, I had a red button on and the baby took it off.  So I let her have it.  Babies do communicate, if we're ready to listen.
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Readers Comments

Woelwaters wrote: Bae6, what a confirmation of the fact that we can make a difference by simply being attentive to things around us. You did well :-)!
barba_rath_yabal wrote: Babies can make you crazy at times, yes, thats their way of getting what they want.

Guess that mum had her hands full and a very tough time at home too, hence , she must have prayed very hard for some one like you to do what you did and saved the day.

All the best

nflowers1228 wrote: what a great story. such a simple act, and such a big help. I can't imagine being a single mom, but you just made it easier for one to manage the difficulties.
sathsath wrote: well written and indeed an expierence!!
yes, u need to acknowledge babies pre sence at intervels to give a signal of life
JuneBug wrote: You have a special gift with babies....I'm glad you were there!
AURELIA wrote: Wow, You are super! I hate to see babies cry also. Isn't it something how you taught that mommy something just by being kind to a baby. I guess some people think babies don't understand or hear the tone of your voice being cheerful. You are wise. I'm glad you were there for the little one. :) ~AURELIA

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