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Dealing With An Empty Nest

--by koolmom64, posted Feb 20, 2008
Our son and his girlfriend of two years are heading back to college after surprising us by showing up to visit for a week.  I know that his budget is stretched to the max, and he won't be home for the holidays because of his busy work schedule in school.   Because we are close family, knowing that they won't be able to be with us over the holidays is tough. 

So, I  have been tucking little gifts, notes & treats into their carry-on luggage for them to find.  Some of the stuff is useful, some frivolous, some say "don't open til Thanksgiving, or Christmas as the case may be. 

Hopefully, those little pieces of my heart will help them not miss home, and the thought of them finding the little gifts might help this lonely mom feel less blue!

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desihakkert wrote: I love this, it reminds me of my own mom. This is sooo nice, I bet it gave him a warm feeling inside with every note or little gift he opened. Keep sending your love to them, because no matter how far they may live, love can reach them.
Barry wrote: Your son will be thrilled when he eventually finds (and reads) each note. It's wonderful that you are writing these notes and it's touching. Seems like the special son has a special mom as well.
cynthia183 wrote: nice story you are ve
ry good
athens wrote: Oh my sister does this when I visit. She puts a different treasure on my bed every morning.....
katlampi wrote: This is a very sweet idea!! Kinda like putting notes in your kids' lunch boxes when they are young children -- but a much sweeter grown-up version! :) Thank you for sharing this idea with us!
JuneBug wrote: Oh my gosh! How wonderful is that? You are a loving mom! I know how it is about the empty nest...They will enjoy your gifts.. and their spirits will be there during the holidays so don't feel so blue..I'm sure you will get a call..:}
Tikit wrote: That is so neat! What a wonderful idea you have come up with!
summer65 wrote: summer65 says:thats so sweet, doesnt cost a lot, and I am sure they will appreciate so much more than a big expensive gift
bhappy wrote: I love your idea!!! My mom does the same stuff. When I house sit for my parents Mom hides presents every where for me to find. Or when I just go to visit mom fills up a gift bag with different things. I will then do the same for her. You are a wonderful mom. God bless You...Becki
AURELIA wrote: Really sweet idea. My heart goes out to you. I can't imagine not having my children for the holidays. I'm sure they will think of you everytime they look at the special little treat you got them. :) ~Aurelia

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