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Inspirational Sweet Pea Seeds

--by mindyjourney, posted Apr 30, 2015
Handing out seed packets with inspirational sayings on them were HUGE hit at my health club, so I bought some more to label and bring in on Wednesday.

A customer behind me in line at the store asked me what I was doing with so many seed packets, wondering if I had a big garden. I told him that I was going to give them away and inquired whether he had a place to garden. He said yes, he enjoyed growing vegetables. I was glad I had bought vegetable as well as flower seeds this time. I gave him a package of sweet pea seeds and wished him well!

I love sowing these seeds of kindness :)

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mish wrote: You are a "champion" ripple spreader!!
sandyremillar wrote: I agree with Mish! you are so spreading kindness....bless you!!!
brindlegirl wrote: Your amazing Mindy!
terre wrote: Seeds of kindness sprouting everywhere!
pluto178 wrote: Doves gotta fly, seeds gotta blow on the wind, my God Mindy you are everywhere and nowhere baby........this is such a great idea........someone somewhere will plants seeds for the first time and be hooked for life. x
melnotes wrote: You are such a kindness angel Mindy! I so love this idea and would love to do it in our Spring :) Thank you for sharing and giving x

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