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Pumping Gas For An Old Lady

--by merv, posted Mar 6, 2008
Not a really stupendous story, but I was really jazzed after this small act.

I'd stopped to fill up the gas tank on my pickup and noticed an older lady (in her 80s) in the next lane. She was walking with one of the canes with outriggers and seemed to be having a problem getting around.

I watched for a bit, not wanting to insult her if she was making it. I finally asked her if I could help. Got a look like, "I don't know you." Then I asked if I could carry something in to the attendant for her. She considered this for a moment and handed me $30.00 to take in.

I did, and then pumped the gas for her.

It turns out that this woman, with the prettiest brown eyes, had hurt her knee, and was trying to get to her doctor.   I'm glad I was able to lend a hand.
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cabadogy wrote: That was such a kind thing to do merv. Heart melting
merv wrote: She was and I hope is a wonderful soul. Yes, it was in her eyes.

falsemonkeypuzzl wrote: That old phrase "the eyes are the windows of the soul" comes to mind. I'm sure much of the prettiness you saw in those eys was gratitude shining through. Thank you for overcoming her fear and perhaps renewing her faith in the kindness of strangers.
helpinghand wrote: I appreciate your kind gesture.We should always help our senoir citizens.God bless you.
sweetp wrote: Wow!! I know what you mean.. I struggle with that too, especially in big city environments. We don't want to offend someone or deconstruct this pact of anonymity.. but sometimes, its the right time to befriend someone or do a favor, and it turns out to be a real blessing!
merv wrote: I love "Deconstruct this pact of anonymity!" sweetp! Thanks, that's a phrase I've been looking for!

cinnamonhead wrote: good for you. it takes all kinds of acts to change the world, keep up the good work.
megumi wrote: You don't give yourself enough credit for the little things you do merv. But I thank God that you are out there. May the God of all peace bless you and keep you.
lmil1954 wrote: I dont know how I missed this story till now. I especially love, love, love your sweet ending to this story!
brighteyes wrote: Merv...this story touches my heart....I live thousands of miles away from my Mom and when my Dad passed away, she had to pump gas for the first time herself as my Dad always filled up the tank...she was scared, did not know what to do and hesitated...the gas attendant noticed and came over and volunteer to pump the gas for her and explains how to do it....he said she reminded him of his Mom, needless to say, was so relieved and touched by his kindness ...she still frequents the gas station also stopping to talk to him but proudly pumps her own gas now thanks to him!!!!

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