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Living on the 4th Floor

--by paartee, posted Mar 3, 2008

My Dad's company provided rental accommodations for its employees, usually in multi-level buildings.  We were on level 4.

For two years, my Dad had been pursuing his application for a ground level house to make the climb easier for my mom who had suffered complications after her second delivery. She was advised bed rest and climbing the stairs everyday was difficult for her. As luck had it, just at that time, my Dad's ground level application was granted and Mum and Dad were thrilled to move in to the ground level accommodation in a separate building that was closer to my Dad's office. 

Without wasting time, they did the big move the following Saturday and mum was very relieved & excited. The following Monday, when my Dad returned from work and was about to enter the house, he saw an old lady and her old husband struggling to bring a wheelchair down the stairs. He was shocked and moved. When he ran to help them, the old lady said. "Don't worry, son, we are used to it now.  We have been doing it for last 15 years for our disabled daughter.  God bless you for your help though." Her sad yet kind words stung my dad's heart like a thousand needles.

The following Saturday, my Mum and Dad swapped the apartment with the old couple and they were back to level 4 in the building.

I still have it in my memory even now that every time the old couple met my dad anywhere, they would just look at him with blessings in their tearful eyes and whisper "Angel!" and would say to me, "You have an angel for a father!" It brought tears of pride to my eyes everytime ... even now when I am writing it.

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bilkis.yusuf wrote: What a wonderful story of kindness and sacrifice, very inspiring, our world will be a better place if all did our bit of kindness and empathy for those whom we come across in our journey through life, god bless your dad and mom
sethi wrote: It is an wonderful. A lesson in sacrifice by your parents. Thank you for sharing.
AnnieJ wrote: I have come back to read this story so many times. I love it!
Mncedisi wrote: Sometimes we tend to admire the hugeness of the river or dam that we have had exposure of until we see the ocean. This is an eye-opening story because when we are overwhelmed with adversity we always think we are the only ones who are experiencing that until you look around and beyond. Therefore,kindness can result from admiring the hugeness of the littleness and the realization of the littleness of the-thought-to-be hugeness. This ultimately becomes the lesson of life.
mary jane wrote: wonderful story..but , please the reason your parents recieved the lower lever pat. was not a stroke of Luck- it was thehand of our Lord.

he too, brought the elderly people inhis path- to show that whne we think outlifes our tough - someone out htere needs a hand ( heart) . God is Good and he fills our lifes iwth these wonderous events so we can learn to be kind and loving always.
Debbie Kadosh wrote: What an AWESOME story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
madhur wrote: This is a real sacrifice. Giving away something you really need. I can imagine the feelings your parents and the other family. I am sure your parents received so much happiness by making this sacrifice than the comfort of ground floor could bring.
Angana wrote: Swami Vivekananda had said : Unselfishness pays.. but how many people have the patience to practice it? It generates tremendous sterngth of character..

The step taken by your father has been what I would say, boldly unselfish ! I salute him for the move, and I'm sure, all that love n blessings will come back to his life a thousand folds!
kofi wrote: that was really giving up something.GOD bless your parents and you too.
Lesego Mogopodi wrote: "we must be the positive change we desire to see and this world will be a better place". What a motivating story.

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