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I Have Just Finished ...

--by sandyremillar, posted May 7, 2015
I have just finished helping my Spanish friend with her resume! We spent some 3 plus hours at it...It is fascinating to read the info, digest it, feel my neurons at work, incredible synapsis going on, flourishing the terms that express exactly what's needed.

I thanked her for the opportunity to function at another level of deduction and being able to portray results. I suggested she finish the resume with a phrase that says who she is....I wrote on my resume some time ago: "I reach for the stars with my feet on the ground." and as a personal one: :Enjoy life!" Love the challenge!

Now this afternoon at 2 pm i'm going to the retirement home as there's a Volunteer Recognition Party going on and I'm invited....cheer to all!

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pluto178 wrote: Well done for your wonderfully giving nature. x
mindyjourney wrote: Thank you for cheerful and helpful assistance, dear sandy! Hope you enjoyed the party! :))
Mish wrote: Hugs for you my sweet starsis!!!
terre wrote: Thanks for helping friend with resume. And I know you're one of the volunteers being recognized at that gathering. Hope you enjoyed it.

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