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Colorful Postcards for Kids

I sent out these postcards to terminally ill children today. If you have a chance, please do so as well. I am sure it supports not only the child but also the parents!

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I Found A Disney T-shirt...

I found a Disney t-shirt in a store and remembered a lovely neighbor that simply loves all Disney stuff. So I bought it for her, put it in a bag and hung it from a plant hanger that they have empty now in the front of their yard. I can see it from my house, so I checked a few hours later and the bag was gone! They must be wondering who brought it! :-)

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Giving and Getting

12:30 AM. Just finished talking with my neighbor: last night I brought her some apple pie and we chatted happily in her front porch. I bought a small doughnut gadget and did some all-veggie that turned out delicious, so I texted her to see if she wanted some. We met again tonight and she told me her almost 16-yr-old is getting her license, but she's wary of letting her drive alone as she doesn't have much experience. That's called the learning curve! So I offered to take her out to practice! She will talk to her daughter and see if she agrees - that way both will be more at ease. In return, she is so kind as to take care of my dogs, Woolf and Fiffie (check-up on them, walk Woolf) when I go for a 5-day vacation to the beach! The hotel said pet-friendly (Fiffie) but I woke up with ... Read Full Story >>

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The Start to a Healthier Life

Yesterday I was drinking my coffee at the deck when I saw my neighbor approach in her car. I greeted her and she told me she was on her way to a fast food restaurant to buy coffee. Her son had visitors and she did not want to disturb, so I offered a coffee and muffin and we chatted away enjoying the morning rays on my deck. After a long chat in which her health issues came up, I told her there are at least two things she can do to feel better: walk and eat healthy. She's a widow, lives in her son's basement and is in general alone. We were able to come up with a plan! She will start by watching me swim (since she does not like to get into the water). Eventually, I may encourage her to find a bathing suit (and go shopping with her if necessary). We will also start to go on walks around the neighborhood. Hopefully this is the start of a healthier life for the both of us!

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The gift of playful freedom

Today I share a lovely experience of yesterday: I've been helping my friend Kathy, who has MS, doing exercise in the pool. We have seen some progress since I met her Dec 31st., glad to say.....but a few days ago I thought she could be so thrilled if she could snorkel in the pool...the liberty of doing so....and so she agreed. She used to be a swimming instructor and did scuba diving.

Yesterday we tried. While her caretaker held her, we began going down the steps with the mask and snorkel. She does not have hand mobility yet, so I would dive in and check on her expression. Once she we adjusted both pieces, we took her -little by little- to the deep floating looking down. There came a point I held her hand and kind of swirled her around (always playful....).

I cannot tell you how thrilled she was and that so made my day! End of the month she has a wedding in Florida so I see her enjoying going into the ocean with her snorkel! I bought her exactly the one you see, she loves blue. Blessings from Above!

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Ripples of Kindless from Burritos for a Homeless Woman

Today I went out to run errands and in a corner I saw a woman in her thirties with a cardboard asking for help. I saw her and thought I'd do something about it. Instead of wondering "why isn't she working?" I decided that the answer is "God knows" and that I shouldn't judge.

I ran off to do my things and by the time I got to the counter at Taco Bell, I decided to give her food. I told the clerk I wanted to help a homeless lady and to double my request. The sum was a bit less than what I thought. He gave me two bags, as requested, but included a soda which I had not asked for, cinnamon dessert (not on my list), and in the other bag three burritos instead of two. Kindness rippled just then!

When I gave the woman the food, she blessed me. I was in tears to think there is plenty in this world for everyone to be fine. I did what I felt was right. Afterward, I saw another person give her money. No judgement, as everyone has their calling. Bless her and everyone like her.

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Kindness Abounding

Good afternoon! My name is Lindsey Gibson and my son is in the NICU at Northside Forsyth. We received a gift, a yellow knitted swaddle blanket, and just wanted to say thank you so much. It is beautiful and I know my son Cole will love it. It is so wonderful to know there is a community of support surrounding our family during this time.

Thank you again and Merry Christmas!
- Lindsey Gibson

My response:
Hi, Lindsey! I am ever so happy to hear from you! Congratulations on having Cole and may all the love we have put into every stitch on this gift for him project all through his life in many many blessings!

We (Lily, Valentina and I) wish you a wonderful Christmas and may 2016 bring you and your loved ones lots of happiness....

With love,

(Our first response to our baby cocoon and hats for newborns at the hospital! This is a pic of a baby in Xmas attire, not the crochet I've done...just to celebrate it!)

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There's A Lovely Printout! ...

There's a lovely printout! I apologized for not having commented in the past days....I have had issues with internet and couldn't come into ks...missed you....all is well now! I've been more in contact with my new friend Kathy and we are growing together into the LIght. My friend from Texas Elena (with whom I meditate weekly) has also participated in her healing.... Last week Kathy shared with my two Spanish friends a lovely Skype interchange and we are going to continue to do this weekly, God willing. She felt "back in business", my friends felt enriched with her input in many areas and I was elated, to say the least. I have past the 50 mark on the number of hats to be donated in February to the Cancer Society or related! I have another project in mind once I meet this one! I will post the pictures once I have them ... Read Full Story >>

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I Have Just Finished ...

I have just finished helping my Spanish friend with her resume! We spent some 3 plus hours at it...It is fascinating to read the info, digest it, feel my neurons at work, incredible synapsis going on, flourishing the terms that express exactly what's needed.

I thanked her for the opportunity to function at another level of deduction and being able to portray results. I suggested she finish the resume with a phrase that says who she is....I wrote on my resume some time ago: "I reach for the stars with my feet on the ground." and as a personal one: :Enjoy life!" Love the challenge!

Now this afternoon at 2 pm i'm going to the retirement home as there's a Volunteer Recognition Party going on and I'm invited....cheer to all!

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Offering Food To Neighbors

My next door neighbor's dad died a few days ago so I offered supper for her and her two teen daughters. When I arrived with the dish, naturally they asked what was in it.

So I didn't go into the detail that it is turkey meat (ha! I'll get a kick of telling them later) and a mix of mashed potato and sweet potato. I made sure flavors were friendly and no exotic seasonings nor olives, etc, which I personally love.

One of the girls looked at me like "ugh" so I told her, "taste it and tell me if you like it." I don't know anyone that doesn't like my food!

Well, I left and Carla texted that this teen had 3 portions! lol She was very thankful. I was very satisfied to bring a good meal to them.

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