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The Kindness Of Strangers

--by mummymunt, posted Jun 2, 2015
Yesterday was awful. We had what they're calling a 'weather event' here, a huge low sitting off the coast dumped about 14 inches of rain in a day, triggering by far the worst flash flooding I've seen in the 13 years we've lived here.

The kids and I ended up trapped in our car in rapidly rising flood waters. The engine had stalled and wouldn't start again, the kids were terrified and I didn't know what to do.

Then a man in a 4WD pulled up beside us and offered to tow us out of the water. Once he got us to higher ground he asked where we lived, which was about 2km down the road, so he towed us all the way back to our street before going off to look for more people in trouble.

I don't know this man and I'll probably never see him again, but the kids and I owe him a huge debt of gratitude that we'll never be able to repay.

Five local people died in this 'weather event', just a few streets away from here, so I'm in no doubt as to how dangerous our situation was.

Going through what we went through has only reinforced to me (and our kids) that we should always be ready and willing to help someone in need, whatever the circumstances.

Stay safe and be well, everyone xox
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forgetful_fish wrote: Glad you are ok! I was stuck in a flood once and was in a low vehicle. I was freaking out about how the other cars wouldn't see us and would slam into us. Luckily, someone who lived nearby came to our rescue!
sandyremillar wrote: I am very glad all worked out! I read melnotes comments and i agree: you were sent help from above! Do you remember requesting it? Probably.
Lots of blessings and protection.
KindMyst wrote: What a terrifying experience. I am so glad you and your children are safe thanks to that good, kind Samaritan. being stuck in a flooded road in a car is so dangerous. I am so sorry people died in this bad weather event. Blessings
melnotes wrote: He sounds like an angel to the rescue, so glad to hear you and children were assisted to safety. There sure are some freakish weather events occurring around the world as our climates are changing. Hope everyone remains safe and well as the weather settles. Take care xx
terre wrote: That man was a miracle! I can see why this experience has strengthened your resolve to be ready and willing to help someone in need. I'm grateful you all made it through this ordeal and are safe.
kiwicat wrote: Im glad you are safe. I heard on the news that there has been fatalities in Burpengary which i know from your posts is near you. Scary times. Ive been in my car as a bridge flooded with my kids, i would not like that to happen again ever.
pluto178 wrote: What a day in your life............I always find those stories fascinating especially when that one day could have ended so differently had you not had the help of an Earth Angel... you will no doubt get the chance to pay it forward at some point but what a local hero he was. x
mindyjourney wrote: Wow!! So glad you were saved, my friend. Agree, man was an angel sent to your rescue. Blessings of healing for the area and families affected by the weather event.
mish wrote: Wow...scary event for sure! So glad a "kindness angel" was on patrol!!! Bless .

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