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The Kindness Of Strangers

Yesterday was awful. We had what they're calling a 'weather event' here, a huge low sitting off the coast dumped about 14 inches of rain in a day, triggering by far the worst flash flooding I've seen in the 13 years we've lived here. The kids and I ended up trapped in our car in rapidly rising flood waters. The engine had stalled and wouldn't start again, the kids were terrified and I didn't know what to do. Then a man in a 4WD pulled up beside us and offered to tow us out of the water. Once he got us to higher ground he asked where we lived, which was about 2km down the road, so he towed us all the way back to our street before going off to look for more people in trouble. I don't know this man and I'll probably never see him again, but the kids and ... Read Full Story >>

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A New Start for Their Friend

Yesterday afternoon was great for me. Over the past couple of days on our local Freecycle page there have been a lot of 'wanted' posts, all from the same person, basically asking for everything you'd need to set up a house from scratch. One of the things they asked for was a queen-sized bed, which we just happened to have an extra one of (we get given lots of random stuff, lol), so I messaged them to offer them the bed. They snatched it up right away and came in the afternoon to get it. The people who came, two ladies and a man, are actually friends of another woman with a young boy. This woman has escaped from a dangerous, violent relationship and these friends of hers are helping her and her son start over again, with everything from furniture to toothbrushes on their list of needs. While they were here I also ... Read Full Story >>

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Repurposing Library Magazines

This morning, I went to the library to buy some of their canceled books and magazines and got to talking with a guy who works there. Looks like I might get an inside line on a heap of their canceled stuff in the future. I can use that stuff in so many ways!

I can repurpose magazines into about a billion or so different craft projects, which I'll then sell to raise money to help other people. I can directly sell on books to raise money for the same reason. I can donate books to the local hospital and nursing homes. One of the books I bought this morning is full of knitting patterns for kids clothing, which my Mum and her friends can make up to donate to homeless shelters and battered women's shelters. I am so excited by the potential these project have!

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Another Busy Morning :)

This morning I took all those books, colouring pencils & puzzles down to the children's ward at our local hospital. The nurses were very happy to see all the new stuff, and I was very happy to make some more room in our very full house, lol.

Then I went to our local Salvation Army store and literally FILLED the boot of my car with clothes and books for $13!!!!! I couldn't believe it. So, that money goes to the Salvos, and I can donate the clothes and books I bought to someone else who needs them. Two birds with one stone :D

I also have a guy coming to pick up the suitcase I'm giving away, either today or tomorrow, so that gives hubby more room on his side of the wardrobe. He needs more room - he has more clothes than I do, lol.

I had another HUGE list of messages in my inbox here on KindSpring today, so my thanks go out again to all the people taking time out of their day to make mine that little bit more special xoxox

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Washing Cleaner Seeing Further

We had a spare washing machine (it's a long story) so we gave it to our youngest employee who has just moved in with his lovely girlfriend.

And, today, my son got his new glasses so we donated his old spectacles to a program that sends them overseas for disadvantaged people with vision problems. 

Hopefully they'll help another little kid see better for a while.

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