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Today On My Morning ...

--by melnotes, posted Jun 3, 2015
Today on my morning walk I came across a credit card on the grass, it definitely wasn't there on my way up the hill and caught my eye on the way down. Upon arriving home I phoned the bank it belonged to and will be dropping it into the local Police Station for the owner to pick up :)

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sandyremillar wrote: Bless you for it! Good acts always come back. :}}
mindyjourney wrote: You were surely in the right place at the right time, my friend :)). Well done!
Mitalichawla wrote: :))) ♥
Mitalichawla wrote: haha. like the picture. lost but found
mummymunt wrote: I lost our business credit card (we own a bicycle shop) last year and was frantic. I spent about half an hour retracing our steps through the shopping centre, asking all the shop assistants if anyone had handed it in, and finally I went to Centre Management and found that someone had handed it in there. It was SUCH a relief! You did a good thing :D
KindMyst wrote: Good eye my friend.
Sophia11 wrote: <3 thanks for your kind act, & for being you!!!
terre wrote: Well done.
kiwicat wrote: Yay!
pluto178 wrote: Found...............such a positive word...............x

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