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Today On My Morning ...

Today on my morning walk I came across a credit card on the grass, it definitely wasn't there on my way up the hill and caught my eye on the way down. Upon arriving home I phoned the bank it belonged to and will be dropping it into the local Police Station for the owner to pick up :)

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Reflections And A Missed Opportunity

On my home from work yesterday I stopped in at the local shops.  As I parked my car, a man sitting on the footpath a few metres away from me caught my eye.  He had a cardboard sign which I couldn't read. I sat in my car for a few minutes thinking about approaching him and watched as others walked by.  His eyes followed them as he looked up from his seated position, but no one stopped. I started feeling a little bit uncomfortable wondering if he was homeless, raising money maybe? I thought about Kind Spring and how this would be the perfect opportunity to be kind.  Unfortunately, I just didn't have the courage or the guts to approach him, something I feel a bit embarrassed and ashamed about now. Its not common where I live to see this and obviously this impacted my actions of not doing what my heart knew was a kind thing to do.
I hope next time I can do better and learn from this experience.

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Holiday Kindness :)on Recent ...

Holiday Kindness :)

On recent holiday we had to pay $2 to exit the airport carpark in our hired car. I only had a $10 note so asked my partner who was driving to give the $10 note to the attendants and advise them to use the change to pay for the next 4 vehicles behind us.

I also donated money to a local dance group and when buying fruit at road side stalls gave a little extra to the locals who were selling their produce.

Thank you to the Kind spring community for being the change in my actions as would never have considered doing anything like this before joining. There are many opportunities to give even if its only a small amount and while on holiday this was a wonderful thing to do!

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Connecting With A Stranger

Connecting with a stranger in the form of a smile and friendly hello used to be something I rarely ever did but thanks to Kind Spring its part of my everyday kindness :)

Smiled and said hello to three strangers on my walk this morning, one lady even had her head down as she walked past me but responded by making eye contact and returning the hello.

Make someone's day.......SMILE :) 


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Having Fun Getting Others to Smile

I have had some fun while out and about today trying to accomplish the goal of picking someone unknown around me and trying to make them smile. I made it my mission to get as many people smiling as possible that I came into contact with while at the shops, library, local mall, and supermarket. I even danced to an S Club 7 song playing over the loud speaker as I walked to my parked car outside. My daughter was with me and I shared what I was doing with her she was very encouraging! It was a real eye opener; there was a certain amount of effort on my part to really engage with someone. However, just a smile from me and some pleasant, friendly words were all that was needed to get the smile started, and on one occasion I was having a good laugh about something with the shop ... Read Full Story >>

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Gave A Friend A ...

Gave a friend a lovely Hibiscus plant (similar to image) for her new place which she recently moved into.
My mum had bought me one a year ago and I was surprised that it flowered all year through, even in our cooler winter months. Also gifted her another Mindy Peace Dove as she had given hers away to a friend, love the kindness ripples all thanks to you and Kindspring :)

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I Did It. I Let It Go.

I took a fancy parker pen to work a couple of months ago and managed to hold onto it for a good couple of weeks before I lost/misplaced it, pens don't last long at work and you tend to arrive with one pen and go home with a completely different one!

Today on a colleagues desk I spotted my pen!! I couldn't believe it, I wanted to pick it up, claim it back as its rightful owner and yell out in a loud voice "that's my pen". Initially I felt annoyed then I thought hang on what if I don't say anything? what if I just leave it and see it as an anonymous gift from me to her? Does it really matter?
Well Im proud to say I left the pen where it was and felt content knowing that it was being used and in good hands :) Cant quite believe I did this, the old me probably would have snuck it into my pocket and taken it back home never to return to work again, lol!

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It Continues To Amaze

It continues to amaze me how amazing you are and how amazing this place called Kindspring is!

I am in awe of you all!

No matter what is going on in my day or life I can always check in here and feel uplifted, inspired,loved and an overall sense of peace, calm and joy!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for being so amazing!!!!!!!!!

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Fashionable Kindness

As I went to wash my hands at work yesterday and pressed the soap dispenser this quote greeted me! Someone had stuck it on the soap dispenser and I smiled and felt quite tickled that someone in my workplace had done this :) How wonderful a feeling to know that others around me felt the same way, I really am so blessed to work in an environment where kindness, compassion, integrity and empathy are at the forefront of my profession.

Feeling blessed xx

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An unforgettable moment

Sometimes there are moments in life which just capture that feeling of being so very grateful for life itself, tonight was one of those for me as I shared a very special and memorable journey with a patient and family. To see them surround her with champagne glasses in hand, toasting and celebrating her life as their tears flowed with laughter and sadness was such a joy. I will treasure this memory and take it with me in challenging times. Love really is all that matters in the end.
Namaste xx

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Peace Doves for an Honest Mistake

Yesterday, I went to a local hardware store to get a replacement bulb for a light that had blown. The shop assistant told me that they had never stocked this type of bulb, but I was adamant I had purchased it at the store previously! Altogether there were three shop assistants helping me trying to find what I was looking for. They were so helpful and tolerant as I explained the bulb and its fitting, but in the end I said I would go home and double check. Turns out I was wrong! The bulb I needed was not what I thought and the store had it all along, so I returned today with some peace doves and gave one to the only assistant I could find who had helped me. I apologized and we had a laugh about my mistake. He wasn't too sure what to say when I gave ... Read Full Story >>

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She Was Gifted A Gift And ThIs Is How She Kept The Ripple Going

I was given some food due to expire from an organization I volunteer for to gift to my workplace for the staff in the kitchen who prepare home-cooked meals for the patients.

Then tonight a kind and generous spirit gifted in my honor a donation to a wonderful organization called "Doctors without Borders". This has inspired me to donate to the Red Cross and SPCA, which I haven't done for a while. I am proud to be a member of this wonderful community and share in all the joy and kindness on offer!

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Lessons Learned From The One In My Care

Gifted a bunch of peace doves to one of the most beautiful souls I have come across in my work. In the few days I cared for this person they taught me so much about the gift of love, gratitude and kindness. I admire not only their strength but courage and sense of peace amongst all the turmoil. I may not be able to walk in their shoes and feel what their feeling but I can walk alongside them and share my compassion and empathy along with a smile and being me.

Grateful, humbled and blessed for all the ups and downs, swings and round abouts, for each and every experience teaches me something different.


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Listening With Empathy

Last night I had the privilege to sit with a man of 80 who has dementia but senses his imminent death, he spoke of the spirits who visit him namely his grandmother and how he used to be scared but wasn't anymore, he joked about how he would rather have visits from the living not the dead.

I felt very humbled to be part of this conversation with him as I have a passion for End of Life Care and exploring spirituality within my work I am also a strong advocate for a more Palliative approach to Dementia Care.

It was a wonderful experience taking the time to just listen allowing him to express his thoughts, validating his feelings and hopefully allowing him to find that peace within as he makes the journey towards the end of his life.

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