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Poem on Every Smile

--by alyssa, posted Mar 26, 2008

everything going on in the world is because of someone,
because of you, because of me.
we are all to blame.
every cutter, every suicide, every explosion.

we are also responsible for all the good things,
every hug, smile, laugh, a feeling of acceptance.
happiness is just a state of mind,
when we dwell on the negatives, not the positives,
it makes life a lot harder, it makes things worse.

but when we open our eyes,
look to the sky
open our minds and souls
we see, that it's just a beatutiful day.

things in this world need to change,
we need to do somthing.
but we need to fix ourselves, first.
you can't help someone else, until you help yourself

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jeri wrote: AMEN!
Barry wrote: Nice indeed!
tuba wrote: excellent approach
Suchreet wrote: Truth is ever green.
Very nice poem.I like it.
irongrace wrote: you're right thanks for the poem
lovebug wrote: You sure have your act together honey. I wish I could say the same about myself. All I can tell you is I AM working on it and you are very helpful. God Bless
AURELIA wrote: YES we need to love ourselves and then we can love others. I LOVE MYSELF!!! and am ready to do what I can to let others know I care about them too...God Bless you and stay happy.
warmth wrote: i completely agree with u. Such Beautiful and real thoughts. Thank u so much for sharing it here. :)
JuneBug wrote: Wonderful! Did you write that??? :}

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