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Baked in goodness

--by nicolrenee1968, posted Jun 6, 2015
Through an awesome group of people, I spent a week finding ways to 'create non-monetary wealth' for others. One thing I got to do was to perform a random kindness.

I popped over to my very favorite vegan bakery, Reverie Bakeshop, and handed $30.00 to the woman behind the counter with (quietly) the special instructions that it be used to pay for the next few orders until it ran out. She didn’t understand what I was asking her to do at first and kept trying to give me a gift card for it, so I explained (also quietly, as there were by now two patrons who had walked in behind me) that the money was not for me, but rather random people who came in for an afternoon treat.

Her face lit up as she realized what she was then going to get to do and exclaimed happily to the man now in line behind me that I had just paid for his order as I rushed out the door. As he had only two cupcakes, I am sure the woman behind him and several others also got to benefit.

I did not want the attention to be on me for my action, but wanted people to just enjoy being gifted some sweets by someone they didn't know and were not likely to meet. I can't wait until the next time I get to go to the bakery and hear what happened!
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kiwicat wrote: I'm impressed that you did this, even more impressed it was at a vegan bakery. Maybe you inspired someone to explore veganism further :-)
balou wrote: Kind gesture! I am sure they appreciated it ... and who knows, maybe you planted a new idea?
mindyjourney wrote: Deliciously kind baked goods! Such fun to give :)
terre wrote: Definitely baked goodness! I'm sure it was well appreciated.

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