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Kindness Begets Kindness

I was gifted with a wonderful opportunity last night. One of the people in our Facebook neighborhood group posted some pillows for sale that I knew my youngest daughter would love, so I requested to buy them from her. She only wanted $4.00, which I thought was very reasonable for the 4 pillows. We set up the porch pickup for later in the evening. When I got there, I put a $20 in her mailbox and sent her a message that I didn't have change (true, though had I really wanted to I could have gotten it), so to treat herself and her daughter to a little something. Once she discovered what I did, she messaged me back, offering to put the change under her mat for me to pick up. I asked her to just pay the kindness forward sometime, and that would be the only 'change' I need. She promised ... Read Full Story >>

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Baked in goodness

Through an awesome group of people, I spent a week finding ways to 'create non-monetary wealth' for others. One thing I got to do was to perform a random kindness. I popped over to my very favorite vegan bakery, Reverie Bakeshop, and handed $30.00 to the woman behind the counter with (quietly) the special instructions that it be used to pay for the next few orders until it ran out. She didn’t understand what I was asking her to do at first and kept trying to give me a gift card for it, so I explained (also quietly, as there were by now two patrons who had walked in behind me) that the money was not for me, but rather random people who came in for an afternoon treat. Her face lit up as she realized what she was then going to get to do and exclaimed happily to the man now ... Read Full Story >>

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A dog returns home after six-months and rebuilding after a tornado

In the past 24 hours, I have been gifted with two amazing opportunities for kindness. The first happened yesterday. I was on my way home after running some errands and saw a small dog running across the last three lanes of the very busy street I was traveling on. He scampered off into the neighborhood, so I went off in search of him in hopes I could reunite him with his owners. After a bit of a cat and mouse game, he finally decided I was worthy of at least a little of his trust and came close enough to me for me to grab him. After taking him to be scanned for a microchip, I learned that he had disappeared eight months ago from his owners who lived a half an hour away. As I had some free time before my other commitments, I drove him back to his rightful owners. ... Read Full Story >>

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That's All It Took to Change a Life

I have been continuing to reach out to a single mom who is struggling  to escape the cycle of abuse. I started a crowdfund to help her while she was waiting for public assistance to come through and because of that support, she was able to make her rent this month.

She was so uplifted by the kindness of others that she aced her job interview and got the job she interviewed for today! 

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Helping Hand

Today I felt drawn to reconnect with a single mom I have helped out in the past as she struggles to get back on her feet. She relayed that since we last spoke, her ex had come to her apartment and beaten her in front of the kids.

He is now in jail and there is a court date set for tomorrow, but now she is also out of work and struggling while she waits for public assistance and succeeds in her job hunt.

I can't do anything to ease the burden she carries or help her move more swiftly through this difficult challenge she has before her, but I was able to give her some relief by way of going to get a big load of groceries for her and the kids. We will be staying in touch and I will support her in her efforts to stop the cycle of violence as well.

Send her your strength and well wishes if you can. She is a good woman with a rough road in front of her, but one she is ready to walk with her head held high.

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