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Daily Homework

--by jeri, posted Apr 5, 2008

I am a recovering alcoholic.  Years ago I went into a hospital because of depression.  My life was a mess, my husband wanted a divorce. My daughter was doing drugs.  Everything in my life was coming apart including me.

My girlfriend's father came to see me.  He was a big, barrel chested Irishman, who loved wearing Nike sweatshirts that said "JUST DO IT". 

Upon my release from the hospital, he began to take me to AA meetings, and we would meet for coffee, or go to his house where he and his Alcoholics Anonymous member wife slowly helped me back to life.

They gave me a homework assignment.  I was to stand in front of my mirror and look into my eyes and say, "you are a beautiful person, you deserve a good life, I care about you, I love you".  He said, "JUST DO IT".

Every night he would call at 11:00 pm and ask if I had done my homework.  It felt silly at first, but I did it.  I don't know when exactly I began to really see me, and hear me, but I did.  It was the beginning of me caring about me.  It was also the beginning of understanding that in order to care for others I had to care about me. 

It was the best homework I was ever given. Dan and Liz are not on this planet anymore.  I still "JUST DO IT". 

So everyone out there, here is your homework assignment:

Stand in front of a mirror and look into your eyes, say out loud, You are a beautiful person, You deserve a good life, I care about you, I love you.  Don't think about it.


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sleepytomato wrote: Everyone needs people like him in their lives - you are very lucky :) what's more, we are very lucky for you have posted this wonderful story for all of us :) thank you!
JazzyJean wrote: INDEED!

Thanks for sharing. =)
Aurelia wrote: "Just Do It" still rings softly but ever strong in my ears...enjoyed reading this again. :0) ~Aurelia
smilecards08 wrote: AW! THANKS!
smilecards08 wrote: AW THATS SWEET!
spring wrote: It can be so hard to turn things around, and what a blessing to have someone their cheering you on & motivating you back to the wonderful you, wich you truely are.
This is a true blessing to many others that will read this, myself included.
I like that saying "Just do It", but it can be so much harder to feel like just doing it.
So much to be grateful for. You had someone there for you, and many here too.
anonimus wrote: I'll JUST DO IT myself,Thanks dear
dmc81076 wrote: That is so wonderful. It brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing :-)
EePee wrote: Congratulations! Thanks for sharing your moving experience.
Mireya wrote: You truely are a beautiful person, thank you for sharing and congratulations on your accomplishment!!!!!

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