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Haircut Happiness

--by kiwicat, posted Jun 9, 2015
I was getting my hair cut at the hairdresser yesterday.

I go to a salon where you can choose a basic hair cut then get the extras like a wash and shampoo, blow dry, straightening, etc. I was thinking I would get a haircut and a blow-dry (both cost the same) and I overheard the woman next to me saying she had needed to wait a while between haircuts because she had a big power bill to pay as she had been unwell and used extra heating. 

I decided to forgo my extras and paid for her haircut instead. I just left a little hand-written note saying that I was glad she was better and out and about, and it was a gift from me with blessings. 

The hairdresser gave me a hug.
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kvpsummer wrote: What a beautiful gift
helenappleyard wrote: How wonderful. What a kind, thoughtful thing to do. I am going to the hairdresser tomorrow and hope to pay this one forward. Thanks for sharing. x
SM2000 wrote: wonderful
melnotes wrote: Lovely Kiwicat, I love reading this RAOK!
mindyjourney wrote: that's our kindness kiwicat :))). Well done, my friend.
terre wrote: Thank you for doing this kind thing!!
vitalreiki wrote: Wonderful! You are amazing. x

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