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A Green Dove

--by mindyjourney, posted Jun 11, 2015
We had a very rainy and foggy hour-long drive into the city yesterday. I am grateful that I got to make origami doves as passenger. Keeping my hands busy brings me such calm. I can even fold them in the dark now!

I gave a dove to a helpful saleswoman during my time in the city and she exclaimed, "Oh, I love this, thank you! Green is my favorite color too."

Blessings of sharing a peace of positive energy, my friends :)

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kiwicat wrote: Your doves go far and wide, spreading happiness. I love the papers you use.
kvpsummer wrote: What a wonderful way to share positive energy
the3jewels wrote: Lovely, lovely, lovely. Namaste.
mish wrote: Keep 'em coming, twiinnie ...our world needs peace badly x. Bless.
pyronik wrote: that's a brilliant idea :-) I wish I could do something like that.
xenahugs wrote: Oooooooo, Ninja Origami Dove Maker!!!!! ;)
kmbhai wrote: creative mind and use of time. Thanks ....
alisamom wrote: Hey I got that exact samegift bag except mine isn't full of doves lol :)
pluto178 wrote: No wonder sharing and caring rhyme. x
melnotes wrote: Wow thats some skill folding them in the dark! We love your doves Mindy just as much as we Love you xx

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