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Sunflower Saturday!Hello Friends~Saturday I ...

--by kperrine, posted Jun 12, 2015
Hello Friends,

Saturday I did some volunteer work for a non-profit "Friends of Cherry Valley" which is a national wildlife refuge and land sanctuary located in the Poconos.

This was our Spring Fling and I got to enjoy manning the table of sunflower seed planting. So many children had the opportunity to play in the dirt, place it into pots, plant the sunflower seeds, and then mark their names on specially created sunflower tags. I think I had more dirt on me than the kids.

There were many other activities such as bird house building, fishing demonstration by the local Fish & Wildlife agency, salamander and local species educational booth, and so much more! Everything is run by donation only and the attendees were more than generous. Plus we had free food and beverages for everyone!

We're planning a Fall Festival for some time in October. Cannot wait to help out and see all of the children again.

I was 12 again...for the entire day!

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kiwicat wrote: Being 12 again sounds so refreshing!
helenappleyard wrote: What a wonderful day! Thank you for being so kind. x
mish wrote: Beauty-full, dear Kath! ❤️
terre wrote: Sounds like a joyful time!
mindyjourney wrote: Sunflower kindness :))). Great Saturday smiles for all. thank you.
sandyremillar wrote: how great!!! thank you for sharing....Mother Earth is sooo proud of you!
melnotes wrote: This is so awesome! Love sunflowers and what a great way to spend the day! Lots of fun in youthfulness :)

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