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Saying Goodbye The Sweetest Way!

Lying in a hospital bed placed in the giraffe habitat at Rotterdam's Diergaarde Blijdorp, the 54-year-old man, identified as only Mario, waited for the animals to approach.

"You could see him totally light up," said Kees Veldboer, founder and director of Ambulance Wish Foundation, which arranged the farewell. "It's very special to see that those animals A dying cancer patient who worked at a Dutch zoo returned to say goodbye on Wednesday. recognize him, and sense that he isn't doing well," he told Rotterdam newspaper Algemeen Dagblad.

Mario, who has a mental disability, spent nearly his entire life as a maintenance man at the zoo, according to the paper.

After the touching encounter, he then bid farewell to his colleagues.  

May this precious man's last day be filled with hugs, love, and sloppy giraffe kisses! 

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Just 2 Quarters Worth Of Kindness

This morning there was a young man roaming the campus. He comes from one of the half-way drug rehab/mental illness houses on the surrounding streets. He's quiet, polite, and I think very lonely, and bored. I saw him earlier standing at the soda vending machines, jiggling change in his pockets. It appeared he didn't have enough money for a soda at $1.50. I returned from the adjacent building and he was bending down and looking for dropped change under the vending machines. Nothing to be found. I asked him how much money he needed and he replied "just 2 quarters". I reached into my pocket and magically, I had 2 lonely little quarters in my pocket. Gave it to him and he got his Dr. Pepper and flashed me the biggest smile. I asked him what he was going to eat for lunch. He said they have food back at ... Read Full Story >>

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A Smile Goes A Long Way!

It costs nothing to share a smile and help someone in need. Today I woke up grumpy and on the wrong side of the bed (obviously).

I knew that doing something special for someone would snap me out of this mood. I work with a bunch of college students and today, I met a really nice student. She was returning after the death of her father. He lived to see his daughter attend college! I decided to go one step further and show her where she needed to go for her ID and parking pass.

Instead of telling her, I walked with her. I am rehabilitating from a full knee replacement.  I really feel that walking with her not only helped her learn her way around college, but helped me in my rehabilitation process. We both smiled, glad that we had made a new friend. Something so simple as a smile goes a long way.

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Jump Start Of Kindness!

Yesterday when I came out to my car in the store's parking lot there was a man on a motorcycle looking very upset. He just got a new battery for his bike and no matter what he did, the bike would not start. He approached me and asked if I had jumper cables. Of course, I did! (thanks Rich!) He asked me if I would give him a jump. I was happy to. He rolled the heavy bike over to my car and hooked up the cables and it started instantly. The man was your typical Harley biker with piercings, tattoos galore, and a burly look. To me, I saw his kind eyes. He told me that he approached several people for help and no one was willing to help. They said they were in a hurry. This took 10 minutes out of my day for cheshire cat smiles. He was very ... Read Full Story >>

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Sunflower Saturday!Hello Friends~Saturday I ...

Hello Friends,

Saturday I did some volunteer work for a non-profit "Friends of Cherry Valley" which is a national wildlife refuge and land sanctuary located in the Poconos.

This was our Spring Fling and I got to enjoy manning the table of sunflower seed planting. So many children had the opportunity to play in the dirt, place it into pots, plant the sunflower seeds, and then mark their names on specially created sunflower tags. I think I had more dirt on me than the kids.

There were many other activities such as bird house building, fishing demonstration by the local Fish & Wildlife agency, salamander and local species educational booth, and so much more! Everything is run by donation only and the attendees were more than generous. Plus we had free food and beverages for everyone!

We're planning a Fall Festival for some time in October. Cannot wait to help out and see all of the children again.

I was 12 again...for the entire day!

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His emergency roadside assistance led to a friendship

Good Morning,

While on my way to work today I passed a vehicle with hood up overheating on this 19-degree morning. In the car was an older woman who was panicking. I pulled over and went into the trunk of my car and pulled out 2 gallons of water. She came out of the car and I showed her where to add the water. She was so thankful for my help and I was so happy to show her what to do in case this happens again. I gave her our mechanic's business card and told her to call Josh and he'll check it out. I'm thinking radiator.

I always carry an emergency road kit which includes water, cat food, cat litter (in case I'm stuck on ice), flashlight, snack bars, shovel, blankets, and emergency flares. So happy that I was able to give her my water.

Even more happier that I made a new friend. I hope Dear Janet has a good rest of the day!

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Good Morning!

Good Morning! Wishing all of you a great day filled with happiness! Today on my drive into work I saw 2 black bears crossing the road. They moved slowly and one even looked right at me as he passed by my car. What a special gift he gave me this morning. There is a small stream nearby and I'm sure they were going for water and some fish! Gotta love nature's treasures.

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Brightening the Day

Good day, everyone! I'm sending this picture of flowers in bloom, knowing that some of us will be looking at snow eventually. I'll use this for my computer wallpaper once the snow hits.

This morning, I finally did something I've been meaning to do, but just didn't have the time. An elderly couple who lives on one of the roads in my morning travels has this beautiful wooden wishing well which was toppled over during one of the storms.

I stopped this morning, propped it back up, and in the center of it I placed a nice yellow mum. I hope this makes them smile. Wishing all of you a great day!

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A Ticket Home

After returning to work after a few days of vacation I met a young student sobbing outside on the benches. She was alone and crying. She had been there for only a few days and didn't have any bus money for her ticket home and no one to come pick her up. She had to go to the New Jersey Shore area. I felt for her as in my youth, I spent money having fun and not really thinking about getting home. She came to the University hoping for some help.

She came to the right place! 

We looked up the bus fare amount for her destination and I bought her a ticket home.

There will be one happy young woman arriving home later on this afternoon, and one happy set of parents.

Was it just the price of a ticket? Absolutely not, it was universal bliss helping her! 

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Lost Keys, Found Keys, ...

We all take our keys for granted. Today, I was able to help a student from failing her presentation. She came to me panicked because she locked her backpack, coffee, phone, and all of her items in her car. Her group presentation was 45 min. away and she was panicked! 

I called one of our Campus Police Officers to come to her car and assist her in getting her keys out. They have a special tool to get inside cars. I was still worried that she would be cutting her presentation time pretty close, so I phoned her professor and told him of the situation. I asked if she could possibly be the second group to present. He was so helpful and moved their group into the second spot. No one is going to fail today!

All is well in the world now!

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Thank You Uncle Sam!.

Thank you Uncle Sam! It felt really good to give back today! I donated $100.00 to Best Friends Animal Charities and $100.00 to a local 12 year old battling Cystic Fibrosis, whose name is Brayden. It is Brayden's dream to find a cure for CF so other little children don't have to deal with the pain of this disease. When he was hospitalized at a young age, he was so upset that little infants had the same disease that he had. It broke his heart to see the infants going through the procedures that he's been through all of his life. From that point on he wanted to raise money for research. He wants to raise 1 Million Dollars and today, I'm happy to be able to help him. He makes rose pins and jewelry to help raise money. He's a sweet young man who is wise beyond his years.  Thank you again, Uncle Sam, ... Read Full Story >>

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Dog-Gone Fun Movie

Last evening we went to see "The Secret Life of Pets" at our local community vintage movie theater. All seats $7.00 all the time! We worked so hard all weekend and wanted some fun, so we decided to see this new Disney animated movie. We laughed so hard and the animals reminded us of our pack!

There were 2 young girls behind us in line with their cash in hand. They were talking about splitting a soda and popcorn. Well, we could not have that! We purchased their movie tickets and gave them each $5.00 and told them to enjoy snacks on us. They told us they earned the money helping their mom's clean. They smiled and said "Thank you" with such sweetness.

We're going to make this a monthly date and give back at this small 1-room movie theater. Wonderful experience!

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Combined Weekend Kindness

On Saturday we bought groceries for a local food pantry and also animal food for an animal rescue group. We almost adopted a puppy...but are thinking on it.

On Sunday I visited an old friend I lost touch with. It was beautiful. We shared the good and the bad and vowed to keep in touch. It was so nice seeing her again. We were childhood friends and were always together until we both married and relocated.

Today is a rainy Monday, but I'm motivated to make something good happen for someone today. Oh, we also left a gift card for our mail carrier to honor those who serve us no matter what the weather.

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Got my daily smile on

I have been having a hectic day at work...feeling overwhelmed and overtired UNTIL just now! A young man came in to my office and asked me if I would "loan" him 50 cents since he was short on bus fare. I did not know this young man and never saw him before.

I dig out my famous change jar (the metal kitty cat tin) and gave him a ton of quarters to use for bus fare today and for the next time he's short on bus fare. 

He gave me the smile and motivation I needed to get thru the rest of my day.

So, to the young man who just made my day....May you always have change jingling in your pockets!


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Warm and Cosy!

Good Morning Kindness Buddies! I hope you enjoyed the weekend. I went thru clothing this weekend and have 3 bags to donate to charity.

I have men and women's clothing, plus some nice pj's (not even worn) and Ialso purchased some new socks and hats/scarves.

I'm sure it will make someone warm and happy! I know it made me so happy to do this!

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Easter Dinner To Go!

A young girl was stuck working at the local convenience store from 7 am until 11 pm. The girl who was supposed to come in called out sick. I felt so bad for this young girl being stuck there on Easter.

After we ate, I made a plate of all of our Easter food and took it to the young girl. She was so appreciative and was only planning on having a hot dog for dinner. I also took her a piece of pie with cool whip.

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Bright Side of a Bad Day

My Bad Day Turned into a Kindness Festival! Looking back on yesterday I should have just crawled back into bed. Work went OK, but it was after work that everything went wrong. I went to the grocery store and picked up a pack of meat (beef cubes) and of course, it was one that the blood had to run all over my khaki pants. I went into bathroom to clean up and there was a store employee in the bathroom. She got me some seltzer water to blot on my pants. Then, I get up to register and the sugar must have gotten caught on something because it spilled all over the register belt. The cashier had another person get me another sugar and she cleaned up the belt. OK, so I thought it was over UNTIL I went out to my car. I must have left the reading lights on and had ... Read Full Story >>

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Father's Day Feast Of Sweet Kindness

I took my sweet Dad and Uncle out for Father's Day. We went to one of their favorite buffet places. The line was an hour long, but we decided to wait. Behind us in line was a young man and his two sons about 3 or 4 years old. They were so excited because of the Sundae Bar at the buffet. We got to talking to each other and the young boys were wishing Momma was there with them. She is a medic and is deployed overseas. My Dad and Uncle were talking to the young man and telling him about their WWII stories, easing the young man's mind that his wife would soon be home to join them.

As we approached the cash register, my sweet Dad paid for their buffet dinners, too and said to the young man "Happy Father's Day and thank your wife for me".

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Teen's pizza date save by a RAOK

While waiting for my pizza at a local shop, there was this adorable teenage couple at the counter placing their order. He was too cute and she looked like a doll! He had a coupon for a free pizza and handed it to the clerk. She informed him that this coupon had expired last week. The look on his face was sad. He reached into his wallet and only had a $5 in there. He asked her to just give him two slices and they would split a soda. The clerk told him he didn't have enough money. So, he said "Give me one slice cut in half and a soda - we can split it". I chuckled and reached into my purse and gave him my "free pizza" coupon which we got after ordering ten pizzas previously from this shop.   He looked at me and said "Thank you. You just ... Read Full Story >>

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A Purrrrrfect Morning To ...

A Purrrrrfect Morning to All of You! Last evening I washed up a bunch of old towels and blankets to take to an animal charity today.

Could not resist sending you this picture of our cats laying in the basket as the towels came out of the dryer. They had to give it their seal of approval!

Wishing you a wonderful day, weekend, and kindness to and from unexpected strangers. Spread the hugs around!

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Book Fairy!

I WAS A BOOK FAIRY LAST NIGHT! Last night while waiting for a script at CVS, a young mother and her adorable little girl were sitting at the pharmacy waiting for their script, too. The little girl was entertained by Chicken Soup for the Kid's Soul. She was happily reading it aloud to her mother and all of us. It was so precious as she was just beginning to read at a higher level. The pharmacist called the mother to get her script and they went up to pay for it. The little girl wanted this book so badly, but the mother said she would have to wait because she didn't have enough $$ to buy it for her. Instant pout that ruptured my heart! I went up behind them, handed the mother a few dollars to buy the book for the little girl. The little girl didn't miss a thing...she suspected what ... Read Full Story >>

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Learning Sign Language

I was helping one of my students study for her upcoming sign language class. The test was picking a partner and signing the words to any duet song she chose.

They chose "Stop Draggin' My Heart Round" by Tom Petty and Stevie Nicks. She wanted me to help her with her cues for the music. I don't know sign language. While watching her, I was able to fake it and be a part of this wonderful project.

I made a few copies of the basics of sign language and now have a great winter project. Learning to sign will be so beneficial to me in that I can help others and finally communicate with a few students.

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Here Comes The Rain ...


"The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain"
~Dolly Parton

Today while walking thru the parking lot at work I came upon 2 soaked female students. The didn't have an umbrella or hat.

I called out to them and we went back to my car. I have about 8 umbrellas in my car, all of which have been left at various places on campus. I knew they would come in handy!

I gave the umbrellas to the two girls and they were very grateful. I told them to hold onto these umbrellas, and share them with students who need to stay dry, too.

A simple act of kindness made me feel so much better on this gloomy, wet day.

Remember, if there is a rainbow, it is only there because of the sunshine we all share!

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